Mistakes To Avoid During Termite Control

Termites are one of the bugs that can destroy our property. Hence, termite control has become popular among property owners. They are one of the most destructive pests you can find on your property. They can be deadly. Termites can eat through any wooden furniture you have in your place. Other than that, termites also eat pieces of your home, including destroying your foundation.

Three common types of termites are Dry wood, Damp wood, and Subterranean termites. Each one has unique characteristics. However, all of them are dangerous to your property’s safety. Hence, you must call termite control Melbourne in time to keep the wooden pieces in your home and your home’s foundation safe from them.

Mistakes you should avoid during termites control on your property:

Termites are nearly invisible. You probably will not notice that your place has had a termite infestation for many months. When you start finding out their destruction symptoms, till then, they have probably grown rapidly. It will be best if you run a termite removal therapy at the earliest possible time.

However, even after calling termite removal services, people make a few mistakes that end up ruining the result for them. Here we have mentioned a few of them. It will help if you pay attention to these mistakes and do not repeat them.

DIY over Professional help:

The biggest mistake people make is that they wait a long time before calling a professional termite control service. Whenever there are pests in the home, people first try to perform all the DIY methods to keep their home pest free. But, rather than getting a good result out of it, people end up worsening their property’s condition. DIY methods might give you good results at first. However, it doesn’t stay effective for a long time. Thus, you get repeated attacks by termite colonies.

When termites have found their way to your property, it is extremely important that you can eliminate them quickly. Otherwise, they will be strong enough to tear down a construction. That’s why it is important that you must call professional pest controllers as the earliest possible.

Not Treating the Entire Home:

It is an equally crucial mistake that people make alongside not opting for professional help. It is nearly impossible to remove all of them from your property. But the importance of ensuring that every last termite is gone is high. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep the infestation in check. When you leave some of them during removal, they will keep invading the property.

They are sneaky and hide in many areas. Thus, when you don’t clean certain parts of your home during the termite control process, they are most likely to hide in those areas. Also, they can reproduce rapidly. Thus, when they hide, they might be less in number. However, they will soon be a large colony.

Having only part of your home treated can save you money. But it will also be a common blunder. When it comes to termites, don’t skip the treatments. Ask for a thorough treatment. Covering each part and running a deep termite cleaning process is essential. Otherwise, you might start living worry-free. After a few months, you begin to notice the destruction of your property.

Leaving Firewood Next To Your Home:

We understand that firewood’s are essential. Being ready to light a fire is an excellent availability, especially during winter. However, storing firewood in your home can be a wrong decision. Wood is termite’s favorite food. That’s why you will always find them in your wooden furniture. When you store wood next to your home, you invite them to your place.

You might have done this out of convenience. However, when you store it close to your place, the chances of termite infestation become high. That’s why for a successful termite control Brighton, you must keep the woods far from your home. This little tip can highly influence the result of your termite control experience. You need to adopt preventive methods so that termites should stop coming to your place alongside you running a termite removal process. Thus, you can live termite free.

So these three mistakes you must avoid if you want to have a great result through termite control Melbourne. We have already told you that hiring a professional pest control service for termite removal is the best. Through it, you can get your place free from unwanted pests without giving any physical labor.

Pest Free Nests is an excellent pest control service that offers various pest treatments. Our team will inspect your place and discover all the pest-related problems. According to that report, we suggest services for our consumers. Ring us for further information about our services and packages.

3 Factors To Keep In Mind Possums Control in Melbourne

Possums are a real nuisance in Australia. You will find these regular visitors in South Australian gardens, especially common brushtail and common ringtail possums. This native animal to our country is a marsupial species. They carry a number of diseases, like leptospirosis, relapsing fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, Chagas disease, tuberculosis, tularemia, and spotted fever. That’s why it is essential that you will have possums control Melbourne on your property.

Keep These Things in Mind While Possums Control in Your Property:

If your home comes under the possum radar, then you can give up on your garden and several other elements. They can decimate trees and crops. The most important characteristics are that they are highly adaptable and flexible. Hence it is really hard to detect them unless you find the sign of the damage done by them. Also, they are fast climbers. Hence, catching them is a challenging task for any property owner.

Although they look adorable, but they are highly dangerous. The number of diseases they carry is not a joke. Hence, you have to make sure there is no possum on your property. Yet, it will be best if you can find many creative ways to block them from coming into your garden. As much as you need to remove them from your property, you also need to ensure they don’t find a way to enter your property again.

Here we have mentioned a few ways to make sure your possum removal goes well. Following these tips in possums control Brighton, will help you get a satisfying result.

Know What to Protect from Possums:

Since possum is a very clever animal, dealing with them also need some intelligent move. If you want to prevent them from destroying your home, you have to find their interesting points. Knowing which things attract them most is a great plus point.

Possums are fond of new growth on deciduous trees and fruit on fruit trees. They find the emerging green buds very tasty. Thus, whenever new plants are in your garden, they will mostly attack it. You have to be careful about these things.

When you plant new saplings, you should keep in mind this future attack. Planting smelly trees is a good option if you don’t want them to attack the plants. You can choose tea trees or geraniums for your garden.

Protect Individual Fruits and Vegetables from Possums

If you are frequently attacked by possums, they must have found something to eat on your property. Just like other pests, they are also in search of food. If you can stop them from having dinner or lunch in your garden, they are most likely to vacate the place.

When there are new fruits and vegetables in your garden, you should protect them from possum attacks. Once they find out there is food, they will keep coming no matter what you try. You can cover the fruits separately. However, this is a very tricky task and demands a lot of labour.

But enclosed garden beds can be a way to keep possums away from vegetables. You can use strong wires to close the garden bed. Accessing this garden will be difficult. However, your plants will grow healthy and normal.

Professional help:

There is no such help as having professionals at a task and removing possums as animals call for many preventive methods that an expert team can only perform. You should look into some pest control company offering service on your property. They will come to your property and have a detailed inspection. After that, they will take the required steps to remove them from your premises altogether.

You can call Pest Free Nests whenever you plan to have possums control Melbourne. We offer quality service at a very affordable rate. Our team is thoroughly trained and highly experienced in dealing with home pests. Also, we have a full license to take out such operations. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any factor while working with us. Talk to our team directly and ask for service and other information.

What You Should Know About Mites Control Melbourne

There are numerous types of mites species available in this world. Determining the actual number has become difficult for Entomologists. There is an estimates that the range runs anywhere from tens of thousands to millions for these tiny arachnids. Many people count the mites as insects. But they are arachnids similar to termites. These tiny creatures are disgusting pests and dangerous when left undetected for a long time. Mites control Melbourne helps to maintain its infestation. The presence of a mites colony on your property can be a significant issue for you or your pets, sometimes causing allergic reactions. Your pets can be seriously attacked by these arachnids. And while being directly exposed to these creatures, humans can get a severe allergic reaction.

What mites actually are:

Mites belong to the arthropod family. Thus they are related to spiders, scorpions, etc. however, they have distinct characteristics of eight legs and jointed fangs. They are almost invisible or highly time. Mites have teardrop-shaped bodies. However, most of them can only be seen under a microscope. But identifying their presence through the damage done by them is easy. Allergic reactions, and bites, are a few to name.

What mites eat can vary depending on their species. Since there are numerous mites species, it is challenging to identify one particular food source for all of them. The bird mites make the bird the host. Then they feed on that bird. However, another widespread mite species is spider mites. These spider mites suck juices from the plants. But most of the mites feed on small animals or fungi.

What damage mites bring:

Mite infestation is undoubtedly not a pleasurable experience. Dogs and cats are allergic reactions to mites. Dust mites feed on dead skin. When they attack pets, they irritate them so much that pets keep scratching their body parts. In the end, they scratch them hard. Slowly they get infected in those areas and call for medical treatment.

Dust mites are famous for giving allergic reactions to individuals. These mites’ presence can cause respiratory reactions in humans. Also, scratching mite bites can cause issues such as secondary infections. You certainly don’t want to end up damaging your skin by scratching yourself.

Generally, mites don’t carry any disease. Thus there is less chance of contaminating any illness from them. However, there are scabies mites. They spread a contagious disease called scabies when they come in contact with humans. Scabies can just spread through skin touch. If you shake any infected person’s hand, you will most likely get infected. These mites leave underneath the hand’s skin. Also, they cause a painful rash.

How to control mites on your property:

  • Controlling mites are extremely important. Similar to other home pests, if you leave them unattended, they will grow in numbers rapidly. Since mites are nearly indivisible, treating them often becomes tough for people. However, there are a few ways to have mites control Brighton.
  • Every home pest uses a sure way to come inside your home. Similar to rodents, termites, ants, and mites also use cracks and holes to enter the property. Sealing these entrances for them will work well to keep them away from your property. Through other pests, they also enter your home. Birds often carry bird mites. That’s why keeping your property all pest free is a great way to keep them far from your home.
  • Maintaining a cleaning schedule is also important. Regular vacuuming, dusting and mopping deeply around the property are essential. Also, sanitizing the place is also needed.

These are the things you must know about mites control Melbourne. However, you should always call for professional help for efficient pest control. Pest Free Nests is a reputed pest control agency that performs different home pest removal services at a competitive rate. Depending upon the pest infestation condition, our experts suggest the required service and dedicatedly perform it. Talk to our team for further details.

Moth Control Melbourne – How To Deal With Clothes Moths

There are two popular types of moths found in Australia. One of them is clothes moths. They chew on natural fibers. Without any doubt, they are home pests. Once you have a clothes moth infestation in your home, it will be hard to protect your clothes, pillows, couch, and other items made from fabric. That’s why identifying the presence of clothes moths at their earliest stage is essential. Otherwise, you might experience damage and financial losses on your property. That’s why it is crucial to have moth control Melbourne service to protect yourself from losses.

Understanding Clothes Moths

Clothes moths are those whose larvae feed on natural fibers. These insects are small, winged and hairy. They feed exclusively on animal fabrics. For example, you must protect your woolen, silk, and leather staffs more actively from these moths. Once they find out the address of your silk or woolen clothes, you will lose these clothing if you are not careful enough.

When talking about clothes moths, learn that two types of clothes moths are found in Australia. One is webbing clothes moths, and the other is case-making clothes moths. During the larva stage, these moths bring damage to your clothes. When you don’t check your wardrobe for a long time, there is a chance that you will probably discover a few holes in your favorite piece of clothing. This is done by the moths’ larva.

Why Clothes Moths Chew Fibers

If you wonder why moths chew fibers, then here is the actual fact. Natural fibers have keratin. It is a fiber protein, and these myths’ larvae can easily digest it. It is one of their food for survival. However, they don’t attack synthetic or cotton fibers. That’s why rayon, polyester-made clothing items will never get destroyed by them.

Identifying Moth Infestations

Finding out a moth’s infestation is hard because adult moths live secretively. You will only see these moths flying around a little on your property. But that doesn’t mean that your clothing, carpet, couch, etc., are entirely safe from the attack. Even though there might not have adult moths in your place, larvae still can exist in your place.

Preventing Clothes Moth Infestations

There are a few ways to tackle clothes moths when they have infested your property. Here we have mentioned a few of them for your help.

  • Add camphor hangers or balls to the wardrobe. It will keep the moths out of your wardrobe.
  • Traditional moth balls contain toxic chemicals. But using it indoors can hamper the air quality. It is also not very safe when there are children and pets on your property. That’s why you can use some natural moth balls instead. Elements with strong fragrances can be used as natural alternatives to chemical moth balls. For example, you can use dried lavender or a mix of cloves and bay leaves.
  • Another popular way of moth control Camberwell is using essential oils. Lavender and cedar essential oils are extremely strong. That’s why they can act as deterrents to moths. Those clothes are more prone to get attacked pf moth larvae, use a few drops of essential oil in a muslin cloth piece, then wrap the woolen or silk cloth in that. You can relax thinking your clothes are now safe.

Be Careful About What You Bring Inside Your Home

  • We often carry larvae inside our homes all by ourselves. Everything can contain larvae, the clothes we buy from stores and the packaging we take inside our property. That’s why you need to check what you are bringing home before you put a piece of cloth in your wardrobe; clean and sanitize it correctly, new or old.
  • Cleaning your wardrobe on a regular basis is another way to moth control for your home. Make sure you run through cleaning before each season. You are emptying the closet, then vacuuming it profoundly and then putting back the clothes will help you maintain your clothing collection.
  • Silk and woolen cloths attack the moths most. That’s why you must seal these pieces of cloth in different packets while storing them. Please put them in a zip lock packet to keep the larvae at bay from these items.
  • If you notice multiple holes in any garment, you can put them in the freezer for around two weeks. Thus, the larvae will get killed all at once. But make sure you put a freezer where no food is stored at that item.

This is how you can keep clothes moths out of your clothing items. However, pest control always needs experts’ help for the best result. If you have no experience handling moths, it is better to call some professional experienced in this field.

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About Pest Free Nests

Pest Free Nests is a reputed pest control company that offers various pest control services. Moths, rodents, ants, bees, birds and all other home pests are taken care of by us in a very qualified way. You can also get a customized offer on moth control Melbourne and other pest control services. Ring us for more information.

Things To Know About Bee Control Melbourne

Bee control is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Australia. You might only understand the importance of this pest control once you face a problem living on your property because of them. The Australian honey bee is a beneficial insect in the country’s ecosystem. However, when they attack humans, bees can get extremely dangerous.

Bees are very vital creatures, yet they are highly threatened insects too in our environment. However, they also hold the power to threaten the human race. Our country’s economy is highly dependent on them. Yet when they build their hives on your property, you must call a qualified bee control Melbourne. Living in the same perimeter and too close to a bee hive can put our lives at risk.

Keep a Few Things in Mind During Bee Control Service:

During a particular season of the year, bees come out in large numbers of colonies. They swarm in search of new hive sites. At the time, they might stop over in a suburban yard. After that, they move on the next day to another place. It is how they commute during the swarm season. It is vital to distinguish between a short stopover by bees and the establishment of a new bee hive. Many people lack previous experience and can’t identify the actual fact quickly.

Bees start a new hive when an existing colony becomes too large to contain their entire pack. When this happens, queen cells are produced. It is the first sign that a colony is about to swarm. The original queen will leave the hive first. Later half the worker bees will follow her in search of a new home. That is how the swarming process goes on.

If you find a new hive near your doors, windows, or garden, you will need to take immediate action. However, it will be best if you never attempt to remove bees yourself. It can be highly dangerous. When bees feel threatened, they will attack you. And if one bee attacks you, others will join soon. That’s why you should have the contact number of a qualified and experienced bee control Brighton to ask for help in an emergency.

Maintain Garden:

Bees are generally attracted to your garden. Beautiful and highly fragrant flowers catch bees’ attention too frequently. However, it is essential because bees will collect honey from these flowers. So we can’t ask you to make your garden colourless or smell less. Although, choosing less fragrant flowers is a good option.

Also, it will help if you trim trees. Old trees often become the favourite place for bee hives. If you notice a tree with a bee hive, sanitizing the surrounding area will be great to stop further hive formation. After removing the pack, make sure to clean the wax from the tree branch. Otherwise, soon another colony of bees will make a hive in that same place.

Maintain Property:

A damp and shadowy wall is another ideal place for bee hives. Just like other pests, they are also searching for food, shelter and water. Maintaining a property that doesn’t offer them at least one of these three will lessen the chance of their infestation in your property.

Repair any cracks in the exterior wall. Fresh paint will do the good. Generally, a coat of paint will cover up all the damping in teh wall. Thus, bees will not feel attracted to this property. Sealing and fixing broken water pipes are also a must. Don’t leave any open source for pests to harvest inside your property. 

Call Professionals for Bee Control:

Flowers are beautiful. So you can’t remove those stunning flowers from your garden. Bees are also beautiful and essential too. However, you can’t have bees as pets on your property. They are called pests for specific reasons. That’s why it is vital to remove them as soon as possible.

But removing bees calls for expertise. You might apply some DIY methods. However, the result can be less than what you expected. Professional pest controllers have experience in dealing with this nuisance. They also take precautions, so you don’t have to worry about their safety. Also, they can sanitize the area much better than you after removing the bee hive.

So these are three things that you need to keep in mind if you are thinking of having a bee control Melbourne. As much as we need to protect these exotic creatures from climate change, we also need to protect ourselves from the attack.

For safe living, call Pest Free Nests. We offer quality pest control services at an affordable budget. You will get rodent control, bee control, wasps control, and many other types of pest control at our service profile. We use trained workers and suitable methods to keep your property pest free. Talk to us directly for more information.

What You Should Know About Cockroach Control Melbourne

Cockroach Control is essential to keep your home free from these insects. Cockroach infestations within your residential or commercial property seriously threaten your healthy living. Cockroaches infest homes, schools, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, offices, and literally any building with food preparation or storage areas. Just like other pests, they also invade places in order to search for food, shelter and water. They reside in the cracks and crevices of Australian homes. That’s why it is hard to get success through cockroach control Melbourne on your property.

Cockroaches contaminate food and eating utensils and destroy fabric and paper products. They also impart stains and unpleasant odours to every surface they come into contact with. Since they are generally numerous in number, taking care of them on your own is very difficult. That’s why you need professional pest treatment. A piece of expert knowledge is the best solution in the identification of each cockroach species. Also, experienced pest control services provide an effective treatment solution.

Things you should know about cockroach control:

There are various species of cockroaches that you can find. At your home or business, these cockroaches bring havoc. Hence, it is easy to decide if you need cockroach control or not. But booking professional cockroach pest control is the easiest and most effective way the removal of rodents from your property.

German and Australian cockroaches are the two most common roaches available in Melbourne. You can quickly identify them. They are usually dark brown. And their favourite place of infestation is the cupboards with food. You can also find them in the cracks and crevices around your home or business. However, having pest control services and DIY chemical treatment methods is one of the most effective ways to control species of cockroaches from your residence.

Here we have mentioned a few things you must remember during cockroach control Melbourne. You must pay attention to these details to get the best result from your pest control services.

Inspecting home:

Before you call for pest control services, there are a few things you need to be careful about. Finding out what types of cockroaches are there on your property is important. Also, the scale of infestation is also essential to identify. That’s why you need to have a deep property inspection in your home or office.

There are different types of cockroaches on the Australian continent. Some cockroaches often enter buildings such as Australian cockroaches. You can generally find them in shadows but not too cold areas. But the German cockroaches prefer humid areas. Hence, look into your bathroom and kitchen or anywhere with an open water source.

Property maintenance:

Many people don’t understand that maintaining a property in good condition is one of the best ways to live a cockroach-free life. There are different types of cockroaches that live inside the cracks and crevices of an old property. If you thoroughly maintain a property and repair it timely, there will be no cockroaches left.

Most of the pests, including cockroaches, enter your property from outside. They generally use the cracks as their entry point. If there are no cracks or broken walls, they can’t use the way. Also, when you repair broken water pipes or taps, they can’t have a water source. Thus, they will slowly vacate your place.

Live in a clean and de-clutter place:  

Just like us, cockroaches also find safe places to live. Once they find out that your home is a safe place for them, they are most likely to infest there. And when they start invading the place, they will not leave that area easily. No matter how often you call cockroach controllers on your property, the pests will find their way back to your home.

That’s why, alongside having professional pest controllers, you should also keep your place clean and clutter-free. In general, cockroach makes empty boxes and cluttered places their home. When you keep your home free from this nuisance, there will be no place for them.

So keep these three things in mind during cockroach removal services. No matter how much you keep your property clean, insects will always find something interesting in your property. More than regular dusting and moping is needed to keep them at bay. That’s why calling professional cockroach control Melbourne can be a great choice. These professional service providers use an effective chemical treatment to eliminate pests. Thus you get a better result from these services.

Pest Free Nests is a trusted pest control service in Melbourne. We offer quality cockroach control in the city at a very affordable range. If you are also looking for a reliable pest controller to help you live more hygienically, contact us. We are just a call away.

3 Factors To Know Before Bird Control Melbourne

There are plenty of reasons calling bird control. However, the winged creatures are beautiful and very helpful to the environment. Yet, dealing with them can frustrate you when birds start infiltrating your homes. Apart from them making your place a mess with their droppings, they carry more than 60 different diseases, including Salmonella, histoplasmosis, Clostridium, E. coli and Listeria.

Hence, you can understand how dangerous it can be living in the same perimeter as them. That’s why it is essential to call bird control Melbourne in time before they can make you seriously ill.

Most birds aren’t cosmopolitan pests such as rodents or certain insects like ants, bees, etc. however, they can pose severe risks to food facilities if they find access to the place. The biggest problem is that birds are gradually making human residents their nests.

The reason behind this is undoubtedly an overpopulated world with consistently decreasing forests. Hence, it is only regular that they will infiltrate your place and home. Many people understand later that a pest bird in a typical home, commercial building or food facility be alert before they start making your place a dangerous site for you.

Three factors you must remember during bird control:

Attending a current issue when it comes to birds is also trickier than with rodents or insects. Some birds are exotic, and the wildlife protection act often gives them protection. Hence, during bird control service, you must ensure that you don’t end up hurting any valuable bird in the country.

Birds are extremely important in maintaining the ecological balance in the environment. And it is our duty to preserve their safe habitat for the betterment of our nature. However, they are pretty dangerous too. If they find out that you are breaking their nest, they can attack and injure you too.

Hence, it is vital to take care of a few factors for safe bird control on your property. Here we have mentioned a few details to which you must give attention to ensure you neither harm yourself nor birds during bird removal projects.

Inspect the issue for Bird Control:

Before calling in a bird control Brighton, inspecting your site is very important. In this inspection round, you must find out the types of birds present on your property. During this session, you should look into the corners of your property and each tree in your garden. Take photos of any birds you spot around your facility. Later, you must try to make an identification of the spotted bird ahead of time.

Through that, you can guide the bird control experts correctly. And they can also take necessary precautions to remove those birds from your facility without any problem. For better help, you can show the pictures and describe the features and characteristics of the spotted bird to the professionals. They can be quick in identifying bird species.

Give extra attention:

There are a few types of birds that deserve extra attention. Pigeons and sparrows are the two most common bird species found in most continents around the world. Australia and its neighboring islands are also filled with pigeons and sparrows. These types of birds are famous for making nests in human residents. That’s why you must look for their signs during your inspection round.

Pigeons and sparrows are pests birds that inhibit any properties. Be it residential or commercial, finding out pigeons droppings is a common occurrence. Also getting rid of them is also challenging. They always come back to the place. Hence it is essential that you relay this message to professional experts. They will take the necessary steps to make sure these birds will never come back to your place.

Understand the birds:

For a successful bird control project, you must understand their behavior. When they come and build a nest, you must find out. Their favorite place for nesting, like gardens, attics, terraces or air vents, must be known to you. Only after that will you be able to remove these pests from your property completely.

Especially knowing when birds lay eggs and their entire reproduction cycle is important. That’s why it is essential for you to know that if you don’t want to hurt them. If you try to break their nests when there are eggs, you are most likely to get attacked by these birds. Hence, you must ensure that the nests are empty and the birds are away from the nest when you call the bird control professionals.

These three factors are extremely important. Since catching birds is hard, you must prepare before bird control Melbourne reaches your property to remove the pests. Pest Free Nests is a famous pest control agency. You can take our help in controlling the different types of home pests on your property. Also, we offer the most competitive rate in the market. For more information, you must call our team. Let us help you in living more hygienically

Rat Removal Melbourne-Learn The Symptoms Of Rat-Bite

Last year, the rural side of Australia saw a bad break-out of a mouse plague. Rat infestation wreaked havoc in several states. That’s when people become well aware of the importance of rat removal from properties.

It is true that more or less every property, whether commercial or residential, has seen a rat infestation once. The daily cleaning schedule is not enough to keep their numbers in check. That’s why having rat removal Melbourne in time is essential to protect your property and your health from rat attacks.

Rat attack is harmful to crops and food. But it brings equal harm to human health. Rats carry many diseases. When you are directly exposed to rat droppings or rat bites, you can get seriously ill. That’s why it is crucial to stay away from these pests. Professional pest controls help to get rid of pest infestation on your property, such as rats, ants, spiders, etc.

Learn the symptoms of rat bite:

Just like any other pests, rat bites too. Although, they mainly leave their droppings around the property and their saliva on the food. However, they also attack and bite humans on their way. The bites are not deadly. But it often leads to a small amount of poison in the human body that calls for medical attention.

Be it a small bite or consuming contaminated food, you must know that rats are dangerous. That’s why it is vital to learn the signs of their bites. Through its symptoms, you will be aware of the possible contamination of rat-borne diseases. Then, you can take the necessary amount of precaution.

Here we have noted down the symptoms for you to understand. However, rat bites are not a common issue. However, you must know them for your own protection.


Rats bear a bacteria called Leptospira. It is found in the urine of infected rats. When you are attacked with this bacteria, you get a high fever with solid chills. Apart from that, an infected human also shows symptoms of stomach pain and vomiting. If you have diarrhoea, it also can be possible leptospirosis. If all these symptoms are active in your body, you look for fast medical assistance.

Scrub typhus:

It is a flea-transmitted infection. However, rodents are the carrier of this disease. The symptoms are severe, and it starts suddenly. You might experience a sudden rash on the trunk. But this rash does not spread to the face, palms and soles of the feet. That is how you can identify that it is a scrub typhus. Before the symptoms get severe, visit a nearby hospital and ask for the required medical assistance.

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) infection:

This infection also comes from rodents. If you have not done rat removal Brighton for several years, then you are most likely to have a rat infestation on your property. Then there is a higher chance that you might have exposed yourself to rodents’ saliva, urine or faeces. In that case, you also can get an LCMV infection. In this case, your symptoms will be mild. But the illness can be meningitis too.

Rat-bite fever:

Well, this is another bacterial illness that might get transmitted by a carrier. In this case, an infected rat is a reason for this bacterial illness. When an infected rat bites a human, you might get this disease. However, you also can get this disease from food or water. When rodents contaminate food or water with their urine, it becomes poisonous.

Consuming that can make you fall ill. Fever, vomiting, muscle pain etc., are the symptoms of rat bite fever. In case of infection, you should not delay any further and look for emergency assistance. Otherwise, you might catch sepsis.

So, these are the symptoms you get when you are ill from a rat-borne disease. However, some symptoms can be confusing, and you might need more time to identify that signs correctly. In case of delayed medical assistance can make your illness severe. That’s why you should be protective enough not to get contaminated by them.

The easiest way to protect yourself from rat attacks is to have professional rat removal Melbourne service on your property. For that, you can call Pest Free Nests. We are a reliable pest control service that offers quality rat removal programs at affordable packages. It will be best if you talk to our team for more information regarding all our services.

Spider Control Melbourne-Identify The Symptoms

It will not be a lie if Australia is called the land of spiders. There are sound 10,000 spider species available on the continent. However, only 3600 types of species have been described to date. Spiders are venomous and dangerous creatures. That’s why you have to be extra careful. Spider bites can often be life-threatening if it is not treated in time. For that, it is extremely important that you understand the types of spiders through their biting. Since different spiders have unique toxins, treating the poison will be easier if you can identify the spider from the symptoms. Also, identifying the spiders helps you in spider control Melbourne.

Sydney funnel web spiders are the most dangerous spider species found in Australia. Their toxin is so dangerous that it has already killed humans. Another spider specie with highly dangerous toxins is the redblack spider.

Learn the symptoms of a spider bite:

Spider bites are common. And often, these bites have no other symptoms than mild itching and leave minor effects. In that cases, you don’t need to give effective treatment to the person bitten.

However, if a person is bitten by Sydney funnel web or redback spiders, the effect will be prominent. And in these cases, emergency medical attention is needed. Otherwise, the attacked person’s life can be at significant risk.

There is a lot of misleading information about spider bites. People are getting more nervous reading that false information. However, you must trust reliable sources and credible information rather than following anything or everything blindly. Here we are discussing the symptoms of different types of spider biting. You must learn these symptoms to save your life or others in time.

Big black spiders:

Big black spiders are mostly known as dangerous in nature. Sydney funnel web, red and black, fall under this category. Learn the symptoms of these spider bites:

  • When black spiders bite you, you are mostly going to experience pain around the bitten area. There will be a lot of swelling as well. Gradually the pain will spread through your back, chest and abdomen.
  • Since the pain spreads to the abdomen, you might often have severe abdomen cramping. People widely think of it as appendicitis pain mistakenly.
  • Apart from that, you might experience vomiting and sweating.

If you have had a spider bite recently and these are the symptoms, then you must be careful. Go to a hospital immediately and ask for medical advice.

Having black spiders on your property is risky. That’s why you should call efficient spider control Brighton.

Recluse spiders:

Recluse spiders are very common in Australia and many other parts of the world. It is also a very dangerous spider because of its high toxin. But how will you identify if a recluse spider has bitten you? Here are the known symptoms of bites from recluse spiders.

  • If you get a bite from recluse spiders, expect to have a fever. This fever generally lasts for eight hours.
  • Throughout the first few hours, you will experience increased pain.
  • Body aches will also be there to stay.
  • The bite wound will slowly turn to purple or dark blue alongside a red ring around it.

Here are a few symptoms you must know. If you notice this kind of symptom with you or anyone else, look for medical assistance as soon as possible.

Apart from that, you must look for a qualified and experienced pest control service for spider control Melbourne.

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Things To Know For Mice Removal Melbourne

The rats and mice are one of the most dangerous pests that infest your property. Many Australian homes have faced extensive damage due to them. Whether you live in some urban city or suburban areas, you might need to deal with mice infestation at least once in your lifetime. However, with the rising standard of healthy living, the infestation has become lower than before. The biggest reason behind this decreasing rodent growth is that people are opting for effective mice removal Melbourne.

Rodents are dangerous for various reasons. They damage property and spread disease. Living in the same perimeter with these pests can threaten our safety. Hence, it is highly important that you perform careful cleaning methods to remove rodent infestation from your property, commercial or residential.

Like any other pests, mice also visit a place in search of three things, shelter, food and water. Although, the Australian standard of living is pretty high. Still, mice find a way to enter your property and bring havoc.

Keep these things in mind:

If rodents enter a property, they can make a mess out of it in no time. They can make everything their home, including air vents, air conditioning, and empty boxes. However, their favorite place is your kitchen and wherever you might have left food unknowingly for them. When they live on a property, they often damage electrical equipment, wiring, etc. As a result, the property becomes at high risk of an electrical fire.

Here are a few factors you must keep in mind when trying to get rid of the mice from your place. Read the article and note down the information. By that, you can get a satisfying result from a mice control service.

Not making your house food for mice:

Although people live pretty cleanly these days, however, we still leave our houses messy with food grains scattered all over the surface. If you want of getting rid of mice or any other pests, you have to ensure that your property supplies no food for them. Without any food, rodents are most likely to ignore your property.

Inspect the external wall cavities regularly:

No property gives birth to rodents on its own. They mostly enter the property from the outside. But have you thought about how they manage to enter your home? They must find out a way that you miss to seal.

External wall cavities are one such place. A cavity wall is an essential part of the construction. But often, rodents make this space their home. That’s why, during pest inspection service, you must check through these areas to ensure that all the rodents are thoroughly eliminated from your property.

Use airtight container in your kitchen:

Food is the primary concern for pests before they invade a property. Hence, you have to make sure that you don’t supply them with food on your own. Even a clean kitchen can be heaven for rodents when it has abundant food for them.

Until you protect the food elements and stop the rats from reaching that food, they will always find their ways to crawl into your kitchen. Using an airtight container to store food is one of the most accessible and affordable options for mice removal Brighton.

These are a few things you should always keep in mind to keep your home rats and mice free. Dealing with pests often becomes frustrating. No matter how much you clean your property and maintain it well, they just come back to ruin your mood.

That’s why it is always better to call some professional help at regular intervals and inspect for pest infestation. If you are also looking for some efficient mice removal Melbourne.

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