7 Proven Ways To Eliminate Spider Mites On Plants Naturally

Are the spider mites bothering you? Make sure to call the experts of mites control in Springvale before the females start laying eggs.

Spider mites can make plants unhealthy. The tiny spider mites feed on the lower side of the plant leaves. It extracts the juices of the leaves, thus making them dry and dead. These pests, therefore, damage both indoor and outdoor plants and are best to be removed as soon as noticed. You can get connected to professionalmites control in Clayton or can even try some natural ways to stop the spreading of mites further on your property. Here are some of the proven ways to get the spider mites removed from the plants naturally:

1. Get rid of the infested leaves

The first step to eliminate the pest on your plant is to remove the heavily infested leaves and dispose of them carefully. Get a plastic bag and keep all the infested leaves, seal it properly and dispose of it in a far-off place. This step helps to stop the further infestation of leaves and to have control over the spider mites.

2. Lemon juice

Make a natural spray of spider mites which is an easy way to get rid of them. Water and fresh lemon juice in a ratio of 2:1 is an ideal solution to remove spider mites from your plants naturally.

3. Use Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is another compelling element to get rid of spider mites on plants. It is a natural repellent and causes no harm to the plants further. Spray the mixture of three teaspoons of Rosemary oil and one teaspoon of organic liquid soap. Add water according to and spray the solution all over the plant to get rid of the mites.

4. Add Neem Oil

Most homeowners rely on Neem oil for versatile uses. But many are still to learn the benefits of using Neem oil. It is also an equally useful item to remove spider mites from plants. You can make a mixture of one teaspoon of liquid soap, a gallon of water and two tablespoons of Neem oil and spray the mixture on your affected plants. The powerful features and smell act as a deterrent to the pest.

5. Hot pepper spray

Another common deterrent for pests is hot pepper. Chilli, Jalapenos or cayenne pepper spray are great choices to get rid of spider mites. An easy recipe would be to combine one teaspoon of hot pepper powder, some liquid soap and water. Make sure to let it settle overnight and then use it the following day. Also, make sure that you spray the solution on both sides of the leaves.

6. Make a homemade garlic spray

We can also make use of the effective garlic water solution. Make a solution of liquid dish soap, five cloves of garlic and two cups of water. Make it smooth and strain it. Finally, spray it on the affected plants. Making the natural solution may be time-consuming, and availing professional mites control in Noble Park may be a better option.

7. Organocide

The use of Organocide is also widely prevalent and effectively kills spider mites on plants. Organocide also acts as a fungicide. It helps to suppress different plant diseases like powdery and downy mildew. Organocide is, however, unsuitable for indoor plants. Using unknown products may be unsuitable, and the best practice is to use professional mites control in Springvale.

Using natural and organic pest repellents is the best way to eradicate the mites on your property. If you lack time to invest in maintaining the health and of the outdoor and indoor plants, get in touch with mites control experts of Pest Free Nests. Here the mites-controlling experts use the most eco-friendly products to remove all kinds of mites from your property.

To ensure a safe removal of mites, call the experts of the best mites control in Springvale. Visit us @ pestfreenests.com.au to book a free consultation right now!

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Why You Want To Focus On Mites Control Melbourne?

Mites control has become a popular term for managing home pests. Mites are extremely common household pests. Experts commonly refer to a group of insect-like organisms through the term mites. These are tiny creatures and almost invisible. However, they are not actively dangerous as the other home pests are. But some of those different mite species bite humans. They also cause severe irritation to humans. That’s why having professional mites control Melbourne will help you in getting rid of these nearly invisible insects and live a peaceful life.

Importance of Mites Control Melbourne:

Some mites parasitize animals. They feed on humans too. Others are scavengers. However, a lot of mites species feed on plants. They are highly attracted top green luscious plants. Especially those plants that bear fruits are their favorite target. There are also mites that prey on insects and other arthropods.

Whenever we talk about home pests, we find that there are several species of one home pest. It is the same with mites too. In fact, there are many types of mites present in the environment. It is almost similar to the other insects. Like butterflies, mites also pass through four stages of development. They have eggs, larvae, and nymphs to adults. In all stages, a mite has eight legs. However, the mite larva has only six legs.

It is a generally rare incident when mites make humans seriously ill. Most mites never come in contact with humans. However, some mites are famous for affecting a person’s health. Their bites can cause allergies that can call for medical attention. However, in most cases, people can get healed in their own way without any medicine.


Mites cause damage to plants. New plants with soft green leaves are their favorite food. They end up sucking cell contents from leaves. A small number of mites usually isn’t the reason for concern. But when there are very high populations of mites near your garden, it can become a serious concern. It can leave severe damage that is often visible. You can notice the damage on the leaves.

At first, there will be a small light, color dots on the leaves. Then it will start increasing. Till the time there are small dots, the plants are safe. However, the plants slowly lose their cell contents when the damage starts getting more prominent. It means they will soon enough not be able to produce their own food, and eventually, they will die. Often, large amounts of webbing cover leaves, twigs, and fruit. Damage is usually worse when compounded by water stress.

Since the mites are not clearly visible in the eye, it often gets unnoticed. Mites are tiny and difficult to detect. Before you spot the mites themselves, you’ll usually notice plant damage, such as stippled or yellow leaves. When you want to treat the mites, do it while they are present on the spot.

The Service For Mites Control Brighton:

Often, insects have left the place till you call the service for mites control Brighton. Many people have reported that they have noticed the damage after the mites have gone from the garden. If the damage is low, the plants recover themselves after mites vacant the place. However, it will be best if you protect your plants, careful not to get damaged by these little creatures.

If you are also facing similar kinds of problems, then it is highly recommended that you must consult professional pest controllers for qualified mites control Melbourne.

Pest Free Nests is a top-rated pest control service provider offering different kinds of pest treatment. Whether you are an office owner or a homeowner, keeping your property safe from home pests requires a lot of work. With us, you can relax.

From inspection to identifying the present home pest, we take care of things in detail. We also make sure to use pest control treatments that are not harmful to your home’s environment. Maintaining the home’s inside air is one of the top priorities. Contact us or visit our page to learn about our service in more detail.

What You Should Know About Mites Control Melbourne

There are numerous types of mites species available in this world. Determining the actual number has become difficult for Entomologists. There is an estimates that the range runs anywhere from tens of thousands to millions for these tiny arachnids. Many people count the mites as insects. But they are arachnids similar to termites. These tiny creatures are disgusting pests and dangerous when left undetected for a long time. Mites control Melbourne helps to maintain its infestation. The presence of a mites colony on your property can be a significant issue for you or your pets, sometimes causing allergic reactions. Your pets can be seriously attacked by these arachnids. And while being directly exposed to these creatures, humans can get a severe allergic reaction.

What mites actually are:

Mites belong to the arthropod family. Thus they are related to spiders, scorpions, etc. however, they have distinct characteristics of eight legs and jointed fangs. They are almost invisible or highly time. Mites have teardrop-shaped bodies. However, most of them can only be seen under a microscope. But identifying their presence through the damage done by them is easy. Allergic reactions, and bites, are a few to name.

What mites eat can vary depending on their species. Since there are numerous mites species, it is challenging to identify one particular food source for all of them. The bird mites make the bird the host. Then they feed on that bird. However, another widespread mite species is spider mites. These spider mites suck juices from the plants. But most of the mites feed on small animals or fungi.

What damage mites bring:

Mite infestation is undoubtedly not a pleasurable experience. Dogs and cats are allergic reactions to mites. Dust mites feed on dead skin. When they attack pets, they irritate them so much that pets keep scratching their body parts. In the end, they scratch them hard. Slowly they get infected in those areas and call for medical treatment.

Dust mites are famous for giving allergic reactions to individuals. These mites’ presence can cause respiratory reactions in humans. Also, scratching mite bites can cause issues such as secondary infections. You certainly don’t want to end up damaging your skin by scratching yourself.

Generally, mites don’t carry any disease. Thus there is less chance of contaminating any illness from them. However, there are scabies mites. They spread a contagious disease called scabies when they come in contact with humans. Scabies can just spread through skin touch. If you shake any infected person’s hand, you will most likely get infected. These mites leave underneath the hand’s skin. Also, they cause a painful rash.

How to control mites on your property:

  • Controlling mites are extremely important. Similar to other home pests, if you leave them unattended, they will grow in numbers rapidly. Since mites are nearly indivisible, treating them often becomes tough for people. However, there are a few ways to have mites control Brighton.
  • Every home pest uses a sure way to come inside your home. Similar to rodents, termites, ants, and mites also use cracks and holes to enter the property. Sealing these entrances for them will work well to keep them away from your property. Through other pests, they also enter your home. Birds often carry bird mites. That’s why keeping your property all pest free is a great way to keep them far from your home.
  • Maintaining a cleaning schedule is also important. Regular vacuuming, dusting and mopping deeply around the property are essential. Also, sanitizing the place is also needed.

These are the things you must know about mites control Melbourne. However, you should always call for professional help for efficient pest control. Pest Free Nests is a reputed pest control agency that performs different home pest removal services at a competitive rate. Depending upon the pest infestation condition, our experts suggest the required service and dedicatedly perform it. Talk to our team for further details.

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