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Rat and Mice Removal Melbourne

Are you fed up with the growing number of rodents in your home and the damage they cause? Do you believe rodents are endangering the health of your family or employees, and you need expert rat and mice removal in Melbourne? Welcome to Pest Free Nests, your one-stop shop for sophisticated rat and mouse control. To eliminate the number of rats surrounding your property, we employ cutting-edge procedures and contemporary instruments. We have built an amazing reputation in Melbourne’s pest control sector through numerous years of providing expert services. Rodents are well-known pests that may cause harm and transmit disease everywhere. It is quite tough to eradicate these pests whether you live in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, which is why expert treatment and control services are essential. We provide rat and mice removal services to all suburbs of Melbourne, including Brighton, Glen Waverley, and Camberwell.

We provide pest removal treatment services for all types of pests, including rodents, at Pest Free Nests.

Types of common rodents found in Melbourne?

There are more than 60 native rodent species in Australia, including three imported species. They are particularly successful animals due to their ability to eat a wide variety of foods, their tiny size, and their short reproduction cycle.

Commonly seen rodent species in Melbourne:

  • Norway rat

These brown-coloured rats live for 9-12 months and are active at night.

  • Roof rat

These black-coloured rats are adept climbers and construct nests in roof spaces and structures. They live for 9 to 12 months on average.

  • House mouse

These brown or grey-coloured rodents can be found both indoors and outdoors, but they prefer to be around humans. They live for an average of 12 months.

Rodent infestations may create a variety of health problems in humans and pets. Thus rat and mice control Melbourne is required in every home and company.

Difference between a mouse and a rat?

Mice are little despite their larger size. A rat’s body is normally the same size as its tail, whereas a mouse’s tail is longer than its body. Rats have deeper fur colours like grey, black, or grey, whereas mice have a lighter tint with a lighter tone under their bellies.

Rats have large or medium-sized ears, although mice’s ears are larger than average. They are neophobic, but mice are open to novel foods and environments. Rats drink roughly 30-60 ml of water every day, but mice only drink about 3 ml.

Mice, on the other hand, prefer to nest in regions that are least disturbed by humans. Rats prefer to nest in sites that are closer to food and water supplies. Rats not only have a larger physique than mice, but their droppings are also larger.

To maintain hygiene, it’s important to consider both rat and mice removal Melbourne.

Why is rat and mouse control highly essential?

A rat infestation may frequently cause more harm than you might imagine. They are known to spread a variety of illnesses to humans and have claimed the lives of millions of people throughout history.

  • The meal is contaminated by rodent droppings, which causes mouse typhoid and mild meningitis.
  • Leptospirosis can be contracted by direct contact with rodent droppings.
  • Rickettsia typhi bacterium can be transferred to humans by blood-sucking fleas that infest rats, causing Murine Typhus fever.
  • Rats and mice may bite people in some situations, resulting in rat-bite fever.
  • Rodents frequently bring allergens into the home, triggering asthma symptoms in people.
  • Ticks are commonly carried by mice and can cause Lyme disease, a dangerous health condition with long-term repercussions.
  • Rodents may wreak havoc on personal belongings, including electrical wires.

Because of these dangers, you must act immediately if you notice symptoms of rodents in your home. To protect yourself and your family or employees, contact Pest Free Nests right away for rat removal Melbourne.

How to identify a rodent infestation?

You might not be able to locate the rodent to confirm the infestation. However, if you discover any of the following, you can get to this conclusion:

  • Rodent droppings on floors, in food packages, in cabinets, and elsewhere
  • Rodents utilise shredded cloth, paper, or plant debris as nesting material.
  • Bite marks and chewing marks on food containers.
  • Stale odours emanate from the property’s concealed places.
  • Walls and floors were drilled with holes.

Find pest control in Melbourne services for rodent control and mouse removal services in Melbourne if you see any of the aforementioned indicators within your property. We also available all the major and minor suburbs of Melbourne, including Brighton, Glen Waverley and Camberwell.

Rat Removal Melbourne

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