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Ensuring a pest free, healthy and safe living.

Pest Free Nests offers safe, affordable, and highly effective pest control solutions. Our services include short-term and long-term pest control and elimination solutions to residential and commercial establishments.

Living or working in a pest infested and infected space may also have serious health implications, and may cause irreversible damages to your property and contents. Our safe, affordable, professional and effective pest control and elimination services ensure pest free areas.

We use the latest technology, high quality products and modern technology and equipment to ensure you get a healthy and hygienic environment free of pests. This way we assure our clients of service consistency, competitive pricing, and prompt service delivery at all times.

Pest Control Melbourne
  • Ants

  • Bed Bugs

  • Rats & Mice

  • Cockroaches

  • Fleas

  • Spider

  • Flies

  • Silver Fish

  • Moth

  • Bee

  • Wasp

  • Germs & Bacteria

  • Bird Control

  • Possums

  • Termite


The mission of our company is to create the best pests free environment for our clients by providing the eco-friendly pest control solutions. We have a dynamic team of experienced and professional technicians to provide the effective pest management operations without causing any health hazards to the clients.


At Pest Free Nests, we endeavor to help people and organizations to maintain a hygienic environment, with proven pest control methods.

The standard pest elimination procedure at

Pest Free Nests includes the following steps


Review and Monitoring

Our customers give us a call when they have a pest problem that seems out of control, and they need an expert’s intervention. Our team addresses each pest problem promptly. We allot a team member to review and report on the condition of the pest infestation. If identification of the trouble causing pest is one part of the challenge, providing an effective and long-lasting solution is another. Our solution includes dealing with close observation and identification of the pest problem, and to gauge the spread of the infestation in the residential or commercial premises.


Pest Identification

Our experts collect samples of the pest infestation to find out if it is a bug, cockroach, mice or rat. A thorough and proper study is made of the nature and unique characteristics of each pest infestation. Our team of pest experts will then suggest the best, innovative and cost-effective solutions to the field personnel for implementation and the desired outcomes.


Assessment and Diagnosis

The right assessment by our team of the pest infestation is conducted by complying to the standard pest diagnosis process to ensure complete and effective pest control and elimination, and leaves no scope for the infestation to re-occur. Our team adheres and upholds precise pest assessment and diagnosis process with a no compromise approach.


Customer Education

The success of any pest control and elimination service is based on the active cooperation of the clients. Cooperation and support of the clients is crucial from the first step – contacting us to assess and diagnose the pest problem, and to provide step-by-step guidance on follow-up and actions required post pest control and elimination.


Proposals of Integrated Pest Management Methods and Techniques

Our team complies and upholds the integrated pest management methods and techniques. This helps make our pest control and elimination services greatly effective and environmentally friendly. This also means to keep your family, business clients, and everyone who comes to your house or business place safe, happy and healthy.


Treatment and Documentation

Our team customizes and offers innovative and effective pest control and elimination services. Not all clients have the same pest problems. The most effective strategy to be followed to achieve complete pest elimination depends on the type of pest infestation faced by the clients.



Our team follows-up on each pest control and elimination project. The data of each pest control and elimination project is recorded for future references and to improve our work. This also guides and helps our team to innovate and use products, methods and techniques that adhere to the environmental standards and their field effectiveness.

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