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Last year, the rural side of Australia saw a bad break-out of a mouse plague. Rat infestation wreaked havoc in several states. That’s when people become well aware of the importance of rat removal from properties.

It is true that more or less every property, whether commercial or residential, has seen a rat infestation once. The daily cleaning schedule is not enough to keep their numbers in check. That’s why having rat removal Melbourne in time is essential to protect your property and your health from rat attacks.

Rat attack is harmful to crops and food. But it brings equal harm to human health. Rats carry many diseases. When you are directly exposed to rat droppings or rat bites, you can get seriously ill. That’s why it is crucial to stay away from these pests. Professional pest controls help to get rid of pest infestation on your property, such as rats, ants, spiders, etc.

Learn the symptoms of rat bite:

Just like any other pests, rat bites too. Although, they mainly leave their droppings around the property and their saliva on the food. However, they also attack and bite humans on their way. The bites are not deadly. But it often leads to a small amount of poison in the human body that calls for medical attention.

Be it a small bite or consuming contaminated food, you must know that rats are dangerous. That’s why it is vital to learn the signs of their bites. Through its symptoms, you will be aware of the possible contamination of rat-borne diseases. Then, you can take the necessary amount of precaution.

Here we have noted down the symptoms for you to understand. However, rat bites are not a common issue. However, you must know them for your own protection.


Rats bear a bacteria called Leptospira. It is found in the urine of infected rats. When you are attacked with this bacteria, you get a high fever with solid chills. Apart from that, an infected human also shows symptoms of stomach pain and vomiting. If you have diarrhoea, it also can be possible leptospirosis. If all these symptoms are active in your body, you look for fast medical assistance.

Scrub typhus:

It is a flea-transmitted infection. However, rodents are the carrier of this disease. The symptoms are severe, and it starts suddenly. You might experience a sudden rash on the trunk. But this rash does not spread to the face, palms and soles of the feet. That is how you can identify that it is a scrub typhus. Before the symptoms get severe, visit a nearby hospital and ask for the required medical assistance.

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) infection:

This infection also comes from rodents. If you have not done rat removal Brighton for several years, then you are most likely to have a rat infestation on your property. Then there is a higher chance that you might have exposed yourself to rodents’ saliva, urine or faeces. In that case, you also can get an LCMV infection. In this case, your symptoms will be mild. But the illness can be meningitis too.

Rat-bite fever:

Well, this is another bacterial illness that might get transmitted by a carrier. In this case, an infected rat is a reason for this bacterial illness. When an infected rat bites a human, you might get this disease. However, you also can get this disease from food or water. When rodents contaminate food or water with their urine, it becomes poisonous.

Consuming that can make you fall ill. Fever, vomiting, muscle pain etc., are the symptoms of rat bite fever. In case of infection, you should not delay any further and look for emergency assistance. Otherwise, you might catch sepsis.

So, these are the symptoms you get when you are ill from a rat-borne disease. However, some symptoms can be confusing, and you might need more time to identify that signs correctly. In case of delayed medical assistance can make your illness severe. That’s why you should be protective enough not to get contaminated by them.

The easiest way to protect yourself from rat attacks is to have professional rat removal Melbourne service on your property. For that, you can call Pest Free Nests. We are a reliable pest control service that offers quality rat removal programs at affordable packages. It will be best if you talk to our team for more information regarding all our services.

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