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Bee control is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Australia. You might only understand the importance of this pest control once you face a problem living on your property because of them. The Australian honey bee is a beneficial insect in the country’s ecosystem. However, when they attack humans, bees can get extremely dangerous.

Bees are very vital creatures, yet they are highly threatened insects too in our environment. However, they also hold the power to threaten the human race. Our country’s economy is highly dependent on them. Yet when they build their hives on your property, you must call a qualified bee control Melbourne. Living in the same perimeter and too close to a bee hive can put our lives at risk.

Keep a Few Things in Mind During Bee Control Service:

During a particular season of the year, bees come out in large numbers of colonies. They swarm in search of new hive sites. At the time, they might stop over in a suburban yard. After that, they move on the next day to another place. It is how they commute during the swarm season. It is vital to distinguish between a short stopover by bees and the establishment of a new bee hive. Many people lack previous experience and can’t identify the actual fact quickly.

Bees start a new hive when an existing colony becomes too large to contain their entire pack. When this happens, queen cells are produced. It is the first sign that a colony is about to swarm. The original queen will leave the hive first. Later half the worker bees will follow her in search of a new home. That is how the swarming process goes on.

If you find a new hive near your doors, windows, or garden, you will need to take immediate action. However, it will be best if you never attempt to remove bees yourself. It can be highly dangerous. When bees feel threatened, they will attack you. And if one bee attacks you, others will join soon. That’s why you should have the contact number of a qualified and experienced bee control Brighton to ask for help in an emergency.

Maintain Garden:

Bees are generally attracted to your garden. Beautiful and highly fragrant flowers catch bees’ attention too frequently. However, it is essential because bees will collect honey from these flowers. So we can’t ask you to make your garden colourless or smell less. Although, choosing less fragrant flowers is a good option.

Also, it will help if you trim trees. Old trees often become the favourite place for bee hives. If you notice a tree with a bee hive, sanitizing the surrounding area will be great to stop further hive formation. After removing the pack, make sure to clean the wax from the tree branch. Otherwise, soon another colony of bees will make a hive in that same place.

Maintain Property:

A damp and shadowy wall is another ideal place for bee hives. Just like other pests, they are also searching for food, shelter and water. Maintaining a property that doesn’t offer them at least one of these three will lessen the chance of their infestation in your property.

Repair any cracks in the exterior wall. Fresh paint will do the good. Generally, a coat of paint will cover up all the damping in teh wall. Thus, bees will not feel attracted to this property. Sealing and fixing broken water pipes are also a must. Don’t leave any open source for pests to harvest inside your property. 

Call Professionals for Bee Control:

Flowers are beautiful. So you can’t remove those stunning flowers from your garden. Bees are also beautiful and essential too. However, you can’t have bees as pets on your property. They are called pests for specific reasons. That’s why it is vital to remove them as soon as possible.

But removing bees calls for expertise. You might apply some DIY methods. However, the result can be less than what you expected. Professional pest controllers have experience in dealing with this nuisance. They also take precautions, so you don’t have to worry about their safety. Also, they can sanitize the area much better than you after removing the bee hive.

So these are three things that you need to keep in mind if you are thinking of having a bee control Melbourne. As much as we need to protect these exotic creatures from climate change, we also need to protect ourselves from the attack.

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