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Possums are a real nuisance in Australia. You will find these regular visitors in South Australian gardens, especially common brushtail and common ringtail possums. This native animal to our country is a marsupial species. They carry a number of diseases, like leptospirosis, relapsing fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, Chagas disease, tuberculosis, tularemia, and spotted fever. That’s why it is essential that you will have possums control Melbourne on your property.

Keep These Things in Mind While Possums Control in Your Property:

If your home comes under the possum radar, then you can give up on your garden and several other elements. They can decimate trees and crops. The most important characteristics are that they are highly adaptable and flexible. Hence it is really hard to detect them unless you find the sign of the damage done by them. Also, they are fast climbers. Hence, catching them is a challenging task for any property owner.

Although they look adorable, but they are highly dangerous. The number of diseases they carry is not a joke. Hence, you have to make sure there is no possum on your property. Yet, it will be best if you can find many creative ways to block them from coming into your garden. As much as you need to remove them from your property, you also need to ensure they don’t find a way to enter your property again.

Here we have mentioned a few ways to make sure your possum removal goes well. Following these tips in possums control Brighton, will help you get a satisfying result.

Know What to Protect from Possums:

Since possum is a very clever animal, dealing with them also need some intelligent move. If you want to prevent them from destroying your home, you have to find their interesting points. Knowing which things attract them most is a great plus point.

Possums are fond of new growth on deciduous trees and fruit on fruit trees. They find the emerging green buds very tasty. Thus, whenever new plants are in your garden, they will mostly attack it. You have to be careful about these things.

When you plant new saplings, you should keep in mind this future attack. Planting smelly trees is a good option if you don’t want them to attack the plants. You can choose tea trees or geraniums for your garden.

Protect Individual Fruits and Vegetables from Possums

If you are frequently attacked by possums, they must have found something to eat on your property. Just like other pests, they are also in search of food. If you can stop them from having dinner or lunch in your garden, they are most likely to vacate the place.

When there are new fruits and vegetables in your garden, you should protect them from possum attacks. Once they find out there is food, they will keep coming no matter what you try. You can cover the fruits separately. However, this is a very tricky task and demands a lot of labour.

But enclosed garden beds can be a way to keep possums away from vegetables. You can use strong wires to close the garden bed. Accessing this garden will be difficult. However, your plants will grow healthy and normal.

Professional help:

There is no such help as having professionals at a task and removing possums as animals call for many preventive methods that an expert team can only perform. You should look into some pest control company offering service on your property. They will come to your property and have a detailed inspection. After that, they will take the required steps to remove them from your premises altogether.

You can call Pest Free Nests whenever you plan to have possums control Melbourne. We offer quality service at a very affordable rate. Our team is thoroughly trained and highly experienced in dealing with home pests. Also, we have a full license to take out such operations. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any factor while working with us. Talk to our team directly and ask for service and other information.

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