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There are two popular types of moths found in Australia. One of them is clothes moths. They chew on natural fibers. Without any doubt, they are home pests. Once you have a clothes moth infestation in your home, it will be hard to protect your clothes, pillows, couch, and other items made from fabric. That’s why identifying the presence of clothes moths at their earliest stage is essential. Otherwise, you might experience damage and financial losses on your property. That’s why it is crucial to have moth control Melbourne service to protect yourself from losses.

Understanding Clothes Moths

Clothes moths are those whose larvae feed on natural fibers. These insects are small, winged and hairy. They feed exclusively on animal fabrics. For example, you must protect your woolen, silk, and leather staffs more actively from these moths. Once they find out the address of your silk or woolen clothes, you will lose these clothing if you are not careful enough.

When talking about clothes moths, learn that two types of clothes moths are found in Australia. One is webbing clothes moths, and the other is case-making clothes moths. During the larva stage, these moths bring damage to your clothes. When you don’t check your wardrobe for a long time, there is a chance that you will probably discover a few holes in your favorite piece of clothing. This is done by the moths’ larva.

Why Clothes Moths Chew Fibers

If you wonder why moths chew fibers, then here is the actual fact. Natural fibers have keratin. It is a fiber protein, and these myths’ larvae can easily digest it. It is one of their food for survival. However, they don’t attack synthetic or cotton fibers. That’s why rayon, polyester-made clothing items will never get destroyed by them.

Identifying Moth Infestations

Finding out a moth’s infestation is hard because adult moths live secretively. You will only see these moths flying around a little on your property. But that doesn’t mean that your clothing, carpet, couch, etc., are entirely safe from the attack. Even though there might not have adult moths in your place, larvae still can exist in your place.

Preventing Clothes Moth Infestations

There are a few ways to tackle clothes moths when they have infested your property. Here we have mentioned a few of them for your help.

  • Add camphor hangers or balls to the wardrobe. It will keep the moths out of your wardrobe.
  • Traditional moth balls contain toxic chemicals. But using it indoors can hamper the air quality. It is also not very safe when there are children and pets on your property. That’s why you can use some natural moth balls instead. Elements with strong fragrances can be used as natural alternatives to chemical moth balls. For example, you can use dried lavender or a mix of cloves and bay leaves.
  • Another popular way of moth control Camberwell is using essential oils. Lavender and cedar essential oils are extremely strong. That’s why they can act as deterrents to moths. Those clothes are more prone to get attacked pf moth larvae, use a few drops of essential oil in a muslin cloth piece, then wrap the woolen or silk cloth in that. You can relax thinking your clothes are now safe.

Be Careful About What You Bring Inside Your Home

  • We often carry larvae inside our homes all by ourselves. Everything can contain larvae, the clothes we buy from stores and the packaging we take inside our property. That’s why you need to check what you are bringing home before you put a piece of cloth in your wardrobe; clean and sanitize it correctly, new or old.
  • Cleaning your wardrobe on a regular basis is another way to moth control for your home. Make sure you run through cleaning before each season. You are emptying the closet, then vacuuming it profoundly and then putting back the clothes will help you maintain your clothing collection.
  • Silk and woolen cloths attack the moths most. That’s why you must seal these pieces of cloth in different packets while storing them. Please put them in a zip lock packet to keep the larvae at bay from these items.
  • If you notice multiple holes in any garment, you can put them in the freezer for around two weeks. Thus, the larvae will get killed all at once. But make sure you put a freezer where no food is stored at that item.

This is how you can keep clothes moths out of your clothing items. However, pest control always needs experts’ help for the best result. If you have no experience handling moths, it is better to call some professional experienced in this field.

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