Effective Possums Control Methods to Prevent Summer Troubles

With the summer season just around the corner, homeowners in Australia often find themselves dealing with unwanted visitors, particularly possums. These nocturnal native animals can cause significant troubles, from damaging gardens to disrupting peaceful nights with their noisy activities. In this blog, we will explore effective possum control methods and prevent the hassle they can bring during the summertime.

Measures for Possums Control

During Summer, many homeowners in Australia often find themselves facing possum-related troubles. Possums, cute as they may seem, can wreak havoc on gardens, roofs, and even inside the house if left unchecked. To help you maintain a possum-free environment and protect both your property and these furry creatures, we have compiled a list of effective Possums Control methods. So, let’s dive in and explore ways to prevent possum troubles this summer season.

  • Learn about Possum Behavior: Before implementing any control measures, it’s essential to understand possum behaviour. Possums are arboreal creatures that seek shelter in tree hollows, but as urbanisation increases, they often find their way into our homes. They are primarily herbivores with a taste for leaves, fruits, and flowers. Knowing their habits will help guide efforts in control and prevention.
  • Identify entry Points: Possums enter homes through damaged roof areas, gaps in the eaves, or broken windows. Inspect your property for potential access points and seal them off. Use durable materials such as wire mesh or steel to block any openings. Regularly check and maintain the integrity of your property’s exterior to prevent possums from finding their way inside. Some of the ways for Possum Removal are as follows:
    • Seal entry Points: Conduct a thorough inspection of your property, paying attention to gaps, cracks, and openings that possums could access. Block these entry points with durable materials such as metal mesh or solid wood.
    • Reinforce Roof Cavity: Possums often seek shelter in roof cavities. Ensure these spaces are properly secured using strong, critter-proof materials to prevent any access.
    • Trim Trees and Vegetation: Trim branches that connect to your roof or act as bridges to nearby trees. This will discourage possums from venturing onto your property.
  • Create a Possum-Proof Garden: To deter possums from entering your property, start by making your garden less appealing to them. Remove any branches that could act as bridges to your roof or windows. Trim overhanging tree limbs and shrubs to eliminate direct access. Install metal guards around tree trunks to prevent possums from climbing. Additionally, certain plants like eucalyptus, wattle, and grevillea are more likely to attract possums, so avoid planting them near your home. Possums are often drawn to gardens due to the abundance of food and water sources. Implementing the following possum removal measures can help minimise their attraction:
    • Secure Rubbish Bins: ensure bins are tightly closed with an airtight lid. This will prevent possums from accessing potential food sources.
    • Remove Fallen Fruits and Berries: Regularly pick up fallen fruits, berries, and seeds from your garden, as these act as magnets for possums.
    • Use Repellent Plants: Planting species that possums dislike, such as eucalyptus, lemon-scented gum, or rosemary, can help deter them from your garden.
  • Use Natural Possum Deterrents: There are several natural deterrents that can be employed to keep possums at bay. Scent-based repellents such as citronella, eucalyptus oil, or garlic can be sprayed in areas prone to possum activity. Possums have a keen sense of smell and are likely to avoid these strong odours. Additionally, hanging CDs or wind chimes around your garden can create noise and motion, deterring possums from exploring the area. Some of the most common deterrents for possum control services are as follows:
    • Strong odours: Possums have a strong sense of smell, which can be utilised as a deterrent. Sprinkle ammonia or white vinegar around potential entry points, as these scents are known to repel possums.
    • Bright Lights: Installing motion-activated, bright lights in strategic locations can frighten possums and discourage them from exploring your prope
    • Ultrasonic Devices: Consider using ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sounds only possums can hear. This can effectively deter them while not disturbing humans or pets.
  • Install Possum Boxes: If you have a suitable tree, consider installing a possum box as an alternative shelter. Possum boxes resemble natural tree hollows and provide a safe space for the animals. By providing an appealing alternative, possums may be less inclined to invade your home. Ensure the box is securely installed, following guidelines provided by local wildlife authorities.
  • Seek Professional Assistance: If possum troubles persist, it is advisable to seek help from professionals.  Licensed wildlife controllers are trained to handle possums in a humane manner. They can assess your property, identify the source of the problem, and implement appropriate possum removal services. Remember, possums are protected animals in Australia, so relocation should be conducted ethically and in accordance with local laws.

As we approach the summer season, taking preemptive measures for possum control and preventing troubles becomes crucial. Understanding possum behaviour, securing entry points, creating a possum-proof garden, and utilising natural deterrents are effective strategies homeowners can implement. However, if problems persist, it is vital to seek professional assistance from Pest Free Nests to guarantee the well-being of both your property and these protected native animals. By following these tips, you can ensure a peaceful and possum-free summer season.

6 Ways to Detect Possums in Your House


Possums are those sneaky creatures in your house that you would expect the least at home. Possums are primarily pests and feed on dry food and food waste. These specie can cause significant damage to property as well as health. Get in touch with the experts of possums control in Clayton to eradicate these unsightly and dangerous creatures from your property.

But wait! Before you call the possum control experts, it would be great to spot their presence at home. Here’s how you can do it:

Locate the tracks

Look for possible tracks and possum droppings. These tracks indicate that the possums have visited the area and hence are present on your property. With their sharp claws, they can damage the wood or insulation, and hence the entry points need to be sealed.

Look for prominence and their activities

Possums become more active during nighttime. Locate them in the places like roofs as they get more exposed to electrical wiring and can chew them. They contaminate the area with urine and feces and also make a lot of noise.

Detect the damages

Go for a damage check by hiring possums control in Springvale. If you could determine the possum problems and their extent of damage, you could assess the situation well. You can take expert remedies and can also make out the cost estimation for possum removal.

Listen to the noises attentively

If possums are present on the roofs or around, you will hear them making strange noises. Listen to the squeaky noises you will mostly get during dusk and dawn, when they mostly get active. They can mew, chirp, growl or make a hissing sound.

Find their nests

Possums can make their nesting places on your roof. You can identify if they have made their nests by checking the stains of urines, dropstones that are left behind and damaged surroundings. Professional possum control in Noble Park effectively traps and relocates these possums without causing any harm to the house occupants and property.

Identify the source and food and keep a check

Food sources attract the possums more. These creatures mainly get attracted to pet food, garbage and compost. The best strategy to control these possums is to cover the garbage with a sturdy lid, move away the food sources of the pet and turn the compost regularly.

Set traps

Traps are best set by professionals of possum control in Clayton. They use traps that are available for hire from licensed wildlife rehabilitation groups. In many places, it is illegal to catch the possums without a license. Professionals are aware of all these regulations and use the best ways to help you get rid of them. In case you are trying it yourself, you can use an electric shock device. But make sure you do not harm them.

Get professional possums control in Clayton

Many reputed pest control companies, like Pest Free Nests, use the most suitable and humane techniques to remove possums from your property. They determine the extent of infestation and carefully develop a plan and execute it to remove possums from the property.

Looking for effective possums control in Clayton? Visit us @ pestfreenests.com.au to learn about our services in detail.

3 Factors To Keep In Mind Possums Control in Melbourne

Possums are a real nuisance in Australia. You will find these regular visitors in South Australian gardens, especially common brushtail and common ringtail possums. This native animal to our country is a marsupial species. They carry a number of diseases, like leptospirosis, relapsing fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, Chagas disease, tuberculosis, tularemia, and spotted fever. That’s why it is essential that you will have possums control Melbourne on your property.

Keep These Things in Mind While Possums Control in Your Property:

If your home comes under the possum radar, then you can give up on your garden and several other elements. They can decimate trees and crops. The most important characteristics are that they are highly adaptable and flexible. Hence it is really hard to detect them unless you find the sign of the damage done by them. Also, they are fast climbers. Hence, catching them is a challenging task for any property owner.

Although they look adorable, but they are highly dangerous. The number of diseases they carry is not a joke. Hence, you have to make sure there is no possum on your property. Yet, it will be best if you can find many creative ways to block them from coming into your garden. As much as you need to remove them from your property, you also need to ensure they don’t find a way to enter your property again.

Here we have mentioned a few ways to make sure your possum removal goes well. Following these tips in possums control Brighton, will help you get a satisfying result.

Know What to Protect from Possums:

Since possum is a very clever animal, dealing with them also need some intelligent move. If you want to prevent them from destroying your home, you have to find their interesting points. Knowing which things attract them most is a great plus point.

Possums are fond of new growth on deciduous trees and fruit on fruit trees. They find the emerging green buds very tasty. Thus, whenever new plants are in your garden, they will mostly attack it. You have to be careful about these things.

When you plant new saplings, you should keep in mind this future attack. Planting smelly trees is a good option if you don’t want them to attack the plants. You can choose tea trees or geraniums for your garden.

Protect Individual Fruits and Vegetables from Possums

If you are frequently attacked by possums, they must have found something to eat on your property. Just like other pests, they are also in search of food. If you can stop them from having dinner or lunch in your garden, they are most likely to vacate the place.

When there are new fruits and vegetables in your garden, you should protect them from possum attacks. Once they find out there is food, they will keep coming no matter what you try. You can cover the fruits separately. However, this is a very tricky task and demands a lot of labour.

But enclosed garden beds can be a way to keep possums away from vegetables. You can use strong wires to close the garden bed. Accessing this garden will be difficult. However, your plants will grow healthy and normal.

Professional help:

There is no such help as having professionals at a task and removing possums as animals call for many preventive methods that an expert team can only perform. You should look into some pest control company offering service on your property. They will come to your property and have a detailed inspection. After that, they will take the required steps to remove them from your premises altogether.

You can call Pest Free Nests whenever you plan to have possums control Melbourne. We offer quality service at a very affordable rate. Our team is thoroughly trained and highly experienced in dealing with home pests. Also, we have a full license to take out such operations. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any factor while working with us. Talk to our team directly and ask for service and other information.

Why You Should Call For Possums Control Melbourne

Possums might not be hazardous animals. But controlling them can be a real nuisance. They are speedy, they love to make messes, and they are hard to find. Since you quickly can’t find them, many of us fail to recognise the possums’ infestation. But before they end up popping through the dog house to greet you, you must call for professional help for possums control Melbourne.

Why you should call possums control:

There are a few reasons why you should call for possum control. Learn them and take action before they become any bigger trouble.

Possums don’t go well with pets:

Possums are famous for stealing pet food. We understand that they also need food to survive. But expecting your pets to share their food happily might not work well with them. And fighting between two animals over food often leads to one or more getting hurt.

Possums control Brighton also becomes a deciding factor in keeping your pets safe from any animal fights. Thus you can protect both animals from getting hurt. Try to keep the food supply nominal. They will not invade your place until possums learn that it has abundant food.

Possums can infest and eat your garden:

Any kind of pest lives close to its food source. Possum does that too. But in the case of possums, their constant food supply is your favorite garden. They eat plants and vegetables. Since they play around the garden, it ruins the beauty of your well-maintained garden as well.

That’s why removing possums will save your plants and keep the look of the garden intact. Then the maintenance of your lawn will also be less fussy. And you can enjoy the scenic beauty of your beautiful garden as well.

Possums love to mess up your garbage:

We know that raccoons and dogs love messing out garbage cans. But many don’t realise that possums are also one of those culprits that are behind a dirty mess. Generally, they jump into a garbage can for searching food.

Having a possum infestation on your property every day, finding a messed garbage can. You will see food grains all over the place and a foul smell coming from here and there. But when you remove them from your property, you don’t have to deal with this rotten food waste every day.

Possums disturb the peace of your home:

We love wild animals. But we will not prefer them much invading our home if they are not our pets. There is nothing wrong with that. Animals like possums are cute as long as they are playing in trees. But when they enter a home, they can literally wreak havoc. Dealing with that nuisance is not very comfortable to sight to see.

What kinds of problems do we face when possums enter our house?

  • They leave significant droppings along their way inside the property.
  • If they feel threatened, they release a pungent odour from their anal gland.
  • Since they generally build nests in the attic, catching them becomes tough.
  • They also make your property a nursing ground for pregnant possums.

why Possums Control Important:

Although possums might not always carry rabies. But they often act as carriers for other diseases. If you don’t want to fall ill or make your pets upset and keep the lawn as beautiful and tidy as the morning sun, you should be careful against possums infestation on your property.

 Possums control Melbourne often call for legal compliance. That’s why you should leave the job in professional hands. Pest Free Nests efficiently manages and addresses issues and solves possum infestation problems. We are here to make your living peaceful and healthy with the correct measures and legal procedures. Talk to us for more information.

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