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Possums are those sneaky creatures in your house that you would expect the least at home. Possums are primarily pests and feed on dry food and food waste. These specie can cause significant damage to property as well as health. Get in touch with the experts of possums control in Clayton to eradicate these unsightly and dangerous creatures from your property.

But wait! Before you call the possum control experts, it would be great to spot their presence at home. Here’s how you can do it:

Locate the tracks

Look for possible tracks and possum droppings. These tracks indicate that the possums have visited the area and hence are present on your property. With their sharp claws, they can damage the wood or insulation, and hence the entry points need to be sealed.

Look for prominence and their activities

Possums become more active during nighttime. Locate them in the places like roofs as they get more exposed to electrical wiring and can chew them. They contaminate the area with urine and feces and also make a lot of noise.

Detect the damages

Go for a damage check by hiring possums control in Springvale. If you could determine the possum problems and their extent of damage, you could assess the situation well. You can take expert remedies and can also make out the cost estimation for possum removal.

Listen to the noises attentively

If possums are present on the roofs or around, you will hear them making strange noises. Listen to the squeaky noises you will mostly get during dusk and dawn, when they mostly get active. They can mew, chirp, growl or make a hissing sound.

Find their nests

Possums can make their nesting places on your roof. You can identify if they have made their nests by checking the stains of urines, dropstones that are left behind and damaged surroundings. Professional possum control in Noble Park effectively traps and relocates these possums without causing any harm to the house occupants and property.

Identify the source and food and keep a check

Food sources attract the possums more. These creatures mainly get attracted to pet food, garbage and compost. The best strategy to control these possums is to cover the garbage with a sturdy lid, move away the food sources of the pet and turn the compost regularly.

Set traps

Traps are best set by professionals of possum control in Clayton. They use traps that are available for hire from licensed wildlife rehabilitation groups. In many places, it is illegal to catch the possums without a license. Professionals are aware of all these regulations and use the best ways to help you get rid of them. In case you are trying it yourself, you can use an electric shock device. But make sure you do not harm them.

Get professional possums control in Clayton

Many reputed pest control companies, like Pest Free Nests, use the most suitable and humane techniques to remove possums from your property. They determine the extent of infestation and carefully develop a plan and execute it to remove possums from the property.

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