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5 Proven Tips To Keep Your Precious Wooden Items Safe From Termites

For homeowners and woodworkers, termites can be a nightmare. Not only can they damage our furniture and wooden projects we’ve spent so much time and effort on, but they can even cause structural damage to homes and other buildings. In this blog, we’ll discuss tips from the experts for termite control in Brighton that have been proven to help protect your precious wooden items from termite attacks!

Summer is well and truly here, which means that termites are on the march. These wood-destroying pests can quickly destroy wooden furniture, floors, and even the frame of your house if they’re not dealt with promptly.

1. Regularly Inspect Your Woodwork For Signs Of Damage

Termites love nothing more than a nice piece of wood to munch on, so it’s important to regularly inspect your woodwork for signs of damage. Look out for small holes in wood, sawdust around woodwork, or any change in the texture of the wood itself. If you spot any of these signs, it’s time to call in the professionals.

2. Keep Your Home Free Of Moisture

Termites are attracted to moisture, so it’s important to keep your home free of dampness and leaks. Check regularly for leaks around baths, sinks, and toilets, and repair any that you find immediately. You should also consider investing in a dehumidifier for particularly damp areas of your home.

3. Clean Out Any Existing Infestations

If you have any existing termite infestations in your home, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. Termites can cause a lot of damage to your wooden furniture and can even make your house structurally unsound.
If you have a severe infestation, hiring a professional for termite pest control in Brighton may be your best option. They will be able to identify all of the termites in your home and will use powerful chemicals to get rid of them. This is usually the most effective way to eliminate an infestation.

4. Create a Chemical Barrier Around Your Home for Termite

There are a few things you can do to create a chemical barrier around your home and prevent termites from causing damage. One option is to use a termiticide, which is a pesticide that kills termites. You can apply it to the soil around your home or directly to the wooden structure of your home. Another option is to use baits, which are placed in the ground around your home, and lure termites in before killing them. You can also have a professional company for termite control in Brighton. Treat the soil around your home with chemicals, which will create a barrier that termites cannot cross.

5. Store Wooden Items Properly When Not in Use

If you have any wooden items that you don’t use often, such as holiday decorations or heirlooms, consider storing them in airtight containers. This will further protect them from termites and other pests.

When storing wooden furniture or other large items, make sure to wrap them in plastic or another material. That will create a barrier between the wood and the outside world. This will help keep moisture and pests away from your precious belongings.

Keeping your precious wooden items safe from termites can be a daunting task, especially when the infestation is serious. Taking preventative measures such as taking advantage of natural repellents and preserving wood for outdoor use can go a long way in protecting your items. If you already have an active termite problem. Then proper application of DIY treatments or professional help may be necessary to eradicate them from your home.

Dangers You Should Know About Termite Infestation Of Your Home

Are you aware of the potential dangers that termite infestations can bring to your home? With more homes at risk of this damage, it’s essential to know what could be in store if left unchecked. In this article, we will explore the seven lurking dangers of termite infestation in your home. So read on below and make sure that your property is safe from the threat of these pesky pests.

The Problem – How It Appears.

Most homeowners are unaware of the dangers of a termite infestation until it’s too late. By then, extensive damage has been done to the home, and costly repairs are necessary. Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world, and their ability to remain hidden makes them all the more dangerous.

Three main types of termites infest homes: subterranean, drywood, and formosan. Subterranean termites are they’re also the most destructive. These termites live in underground colonies and build mud tubes to travel from their nests to your home in search of food.

Drywood termites are less common than subterranean termites, but they can still cause great damage. These termites live inside wood rather than underground and don’t require contact with soil to survive. Drywood termites usually enter homes through cracks in wood or expansion joints.

Formosan termites are incredibly destructive because they live in large colonies that can number in the millions. These termite colonies can cause extensive damage to a home in a relatively short period.

Dangers To Know About When It Comes To Termite Infestation At Home

Suppose you suspect you have a termite problem. In that case, it is essential to contact a professional exterminator for termite control in Brighton as soon as possible for an inspection and treatment plan. Do not try to handle a termite problem on your own, as this could make the situation worse and put you at risk

Preventative Measures In Avoiding A Termite Infestation

If you’re a homeowner, the last thing you want is to have your house infested with termites. These pests can cause extensive damage to your home, and getting rid of them can be costly.

Keep your home clean and free of debris.

Termites are attracted to moisture and wood, so keeping your home free of both is essential. Regularly sweep and vacuum to remove any food sources that could draw them. In addition, fix any leaks or standing water around your property to eliminate potential termite breeding grounds. Finally, call the experts for Termite Control Melbourne from time to time and the pests will be under control.

Use termite-resistant materials when building or repairing your home.

There are certain materials that termites are less likely to eat through, such as concrete, metal, and plastic. Therefore, when building or repairing your home, use these materials whenever possible to deter termites from damaging your property.

Keep the gutter clean and free from debris

When gutters stay full, there are chances of termites finding a way into your house, given the damp environment, they get to stay in. However, once they find comfort there, it won’t take much time for them to enter your house and create a home for themselves.

Termites can cause significant damage to your home if they are not controlled and removed quickly with expert help from Pest Free Nests. Termites can eat away at the structural integrity of your home, causing expensive repairs or even making your home unsafe to live in.

A Few Key Elements Related To Termite Control Brighton

Termite control is a must for general home treatment. If you want to protect your property from these destructive insects, you need to regularly follow termite control treatments. They are tiny and can live nearly invisibly. Although they are not poisonous, direct exposure to them can call for allergic reactions. Termites live on wooden food sources. Hence, if you fail to control their infestation on your property, you might notice that the building structure has been heavily damaged for some time. Also, termites can come back repeatedly to the same place if it is not treated well. Hence, you need some qualified experts in dealing with termites through their effective termite control Brighton.

Here We Have Given You Some Information Related to Termite Control Brighton for You to Check and Take Care Of.

Non-Chemical Treatments

When we think about various termite control treatments, non-chemical treatments come first. This method is safe and environmentally friendly. Hence, people often choose this method as their first termite prevention method. Here are some ways to keep termites out. Also, these treatments do not involve the application of insecticides. You must keep these methods noted below for further reference.

  • You can use one of the most common methods, i.e. a physical barrier. To use this termite control, you need to plan during the construction process of your building. Builders add a termite barrier between the walls during construction. It is a highly effective way to keep pests and termites in check.
  • If you haven’t planned physical marriers during the construction period, you can still take some measures to physically prohibit termites from entering your property. A steel mesh and sands of particular sizes are equally effective in keeping termites at bay.
  • Keeping your house clutter free also helps in fighting termite infestation. Until you make your house an inviting place for pests, they will not invade your property. When you keep your home clean and junk free, there are no places termites can hide. Thus, they will not get the required shelter. Hence, they will leave the property.

Chemical Treatments

Although non-chemical treatments ts are good and risk-free, they are not very effective in the long run. Once termites find a way to enter and hide your property, you might be able to remove them smoothly. They are smart, irresistible, and might live undetected for several years on your property. That’s why using chemical treatment is important to clean the entire termite colony easily and effectively.

These pesticides prevent or treat termite infestations. They are called termiticides. Often these chemical treatments offer structural protection. When termites live in a property for so long, they bring down the structure of the building. These tiny insects are highly destructive in nature. That’s why having suitable and high-quality chemical treatment is a great way to keep your property safe.

Here is a list of all the chemical treatments available to use for successful termite control Brighton. Althouse, using these treatments effectively calls for experience. Professional pest controllers are great at performing this treatment safely.

  • Liquid soil-applied termiticides.
  • Termite baits.
  • Building materials impregnated with termiticides.
  • Wood treatments.

Keep these details in mind when you are dealing with termites. You must always go for a professional pest controller for the best and most effective termite control Brighton.

Pest Free Nests is an expert pest control service provider that has been dealing with different kinds of home pests in Australian households for many years. We provide qualified pest removal; methods and maintain indoor air quality for safe living. Talk to us directly for more information. We are happy to help.

Mistakes To Avoid During Termite Control

Termites are one of the bugs that can destroy our property. Hence, termite control has become popular among property owners. They are one of the most destructive pests you can find on your property. They can be deadly. Termites can eat through any wooden furniture you have in your place. Other than that, termites also eat pieces of your home, including destroying your foundation.

Three common types of termites are Dry wood, Damp wood, and Subterranean termites. Each one has unique characteristics. However, all of them are dangerous to your property’s safety. Hence, you must call termite control Melbourne in time to keep the wooden pieces in your home and your home’s foundation safe from them.

Mistakes you should avoid during termites control on your property:

Termites are nearly invisible. You probably will not notice that your place has had a termite infestation for many months. When you start finding out their destruction symptoms, till then, they have probably grown rapidly. It will be best if you run a termite removal therapy at the earliest possible time.

However, even after calling termite removal services, people make a few mistakes that end up ruining the result for them. Here we have mentioned a few of them. It will help if you pay attention to these mistakes and do not repeat them.

DIY over Professional help:

The biggest mistake people make is that they wait a long time before calling a professional termite control service. Whenever there are pests in the home, people first try to perform all the DIY methods to keep their home pest free. But, rather than getting a good result out of it, people end up worsening their property’s condition. DIY methods might give you good results at first. However, it doesn’t stay effective for a long time. Thus, you get repeated attacks by termite colonies.

When termites have found their way to your property, it is extremely important that you can eliminate them quickly. Otherwise, they will be strong enough to tear down a construction. That’s why it is important that you must call professional pest controllers as the earliest possible.

Not Treating the Entire Home:

It is an equally crucial mistake that people make alongside not opting for professional help. It is nearly impossible to remove all of them from your property. But the importance of ensuring that every last termite is gone is high. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep the infestation in check. When you leave some of them during removal, they will keep invading the property.

They are sneaky and hide in many areas. Thus, when you don’t clean certain parts of your home during the termite control process, they are most likely to hide in those areas. Also, they can reproduce rapidly. Thus, when they hide, they might be less in number. However, they will soon be a large colony.

Having only part of your home treated can save you money. But it will also be a common blunder. When it comes to termites, don’t skip the treatments. Ask for a thorough treatment. Covering each part and running a deep termite cleaning process is essential. Otherwise, you might start living worry-free. After a few months, you begin to notice the destruction of your property.

Leaving Firewood Next To Your Home:

We understand that firewood’s are essential. Being ready to light a fire is an excellent availability, especially during winter. However, storing firewood in your home can be a wrong decision. Wood is termite’s favorite food. That’s why you will always find them in your wooden furniture. When you store wood next to your home, you invite them to your place.

You might have done this out of convenience. However, when you store it close to your place, the chances of termite infestation become high. That’s why for a successful termite control Brighton, you must keep the woods far from your home. This little tip can highly influence the result of your termite control experience. You need to adopt preventive methods so that termites should stop coming to your place alongside you running a termite removal process. Thus, you can live termite free.

So these three mistakes you must avoid if you want to have a great result through termite control Melbourne. We have already told you that hiring a professional pest control service for termite removal is the best. Through it, you can get your place free from unwanted pests without giving any physical labor.

Pest Free Nests is an excellent pest control service that offers various pest treatments. Our team will inspect your place and discover all the pest-related problems. According to that report, we suggest services for our consumers. Ring us for further information about our services and packages.

How Often You Should Have Termite Control Melbourne

Termites are like nightmares. They are nearly invisible in size. But the damage they bring is widely visible. The biggest problem with them is that they can live undetected for extended periods of time. Hence, no homeowner becomes aware of their presence early. But till anyone finds out that they have a termite infestation on their property, they are most likely to discover it by the damage done by termites. Hence, having quality termite control Melbourne in time is extremely important.

Termites are highly destructive in nature. They start to bite off carbohydrates materials, especially wood, one bite at a time from the inside out. Since they have a big appetite, they will bring an end to the materials they start infesting. Although the primary materials of construction are steel and concrete, yet, a building has an abundant quantity of wood in its decoration. Hence, you can’t risk your property’s safety due to termites.

How often should you call termite controls?

Now, since we are at the topic, you can ask the most critical question about termite control. How often should you call termite control? Well, the answer often depends on where you live. Especially in a hot and humid area, termites grow rapidly. In that case, you will need frequent termite inspections around your property.

Since Melbourne receives adequate sunlight and a fair share of downpours, you can expect your property to experience termite infestation. Since Australia has the Tropic of Capricon passed over the country, it directly receives sunlight. Hence, the risk becomes higher. In that case, according to Australian standards, you should have a termite control Brighton once or twice a year for safety reasons.

How to Keep termites Away From Your Home.

Many people use a perimeter barrier to keep termites away from their property. You can also install a perimeter barrier to conceal every \way through which termites can enter your property. You can design this perimeter during the construction of your home. However, you can also call this prevention method after getting attacked by these pests once.

In case your property has already suffered termite infestation, then you need to be careful about it. Sealing the entry points of termites must be eliminated. You must ensure that wooden equipment is well protected. However, there is no necessity for more frequent termite control services on your property when you have successfully eliminated termites from your property in the past. But it will help if you stick to the yearly inspection routine.

Also, installing the termite barrier is extremely important after eliminating a termite infestation. Otherwise, the new termite colony will follow the same tunnel from its previous termite colonies to enter your property. There is nothing you can do when it happens. Hence, our advice is to implement a barrier before any situation like that arises.

Termit Control in Melbourne

So these are the times you should call an efficient and qualified termite control Melbourne to inspect your property. If it is you or your neighbor having a termite inspection, you must ask some expert’s help in detecting any possibility or existence of termite infestation.

If you are also looking for some professional pest control to get rid of termites from your commercial or residential property, you can always leave an enquiry in Pest Free Nests. We are a qualified and fully licensed team of pest controllers that will help you remove termites entirely from your property at an exceptionally budget-friendly package. You can ask to call us to learn more about our other services. We are here to make you’re living a better experience.

Detecting Termites And Why Professional Termite Control Better Than DIY

Regarding termite control, there are many risks associated with do-it-yourself methods. First and foremost, if you don’t have the proper experience or knowledge, you could end up causing more harm than good. In addition, even if you have some experience, there’s always the potential for accidents.

Here is a quick overview on detecting termites and calling in professionals for termite control in Melbourne rather than DIY to eradicate them.

You Have Seen Termites in Your Home:

If you have seen even one termite in your home, there likely are many more where that came from. A professional exterminator can track down the colony and get rid of them before they cause any severe damage.

Mud Tubes in the Outdoors:

Another sign that you have termites is if you see mud tubes outside your home. Termites create these as they travel back and forth between their nest and your home, and they can be an indication that there is a large infestation present.

Wood That Sounds Hollow When You Tap It:

One of the most common signs of termite damage is wood that sounds hollow when tapped. This is because termites eat away at the wood from the inside, leaving only a thin shell on the surface. If you suspect this type of damage, it is essential to have a professional inspect it as soon as possible.

Swarms of Insects Around Your Home:

If you see insects around your home, it could be a sign that you have termites. These swarms usually happen in springtime when the termites are looking for mates.

The Most Common Problems with DIY Termite Control

There are many reasons why professional termite control in Brighton is better than do-it-yourself methods. Here are the top 10 most common problems with DIY termite control:

  1. Inadequate inspection: A trained eye is needed to properly inspect your home for termites and identify the extent of the infestation.
  2. Untreated wood: If some of the wood in your home is not treated, termites can quickly spread to other areas.
  3. Lack of knowledge: Without proper training, you may not be able to correctly identify the signs of a termite infestation or know how to treat your home effectively.
  4. Improper application: Misusing chemicals can be dangerous and ineffective.
  5. Incomplete treatment: If you don’t treat your entire home, termites can avoid the treated areas and continue damaging your property.
  6. Limited warranty: Most DIY products have limited warranties that may not cover the full extent of damage caused by termites.
  7. Difficult to monitor: It can be challenging to tell if DIY treatments are working and if there’s still an active infestation in your home. This can lead to further damage before you realize there’s a problem.
  1. Risk of exposure: Certain chemicals used in DIY pest control treatments can be harmful if inhaled or ingested, putting you and your family at risk of exposure.

Overall, it’s much safer and wiser to leave termite control to professionals. This is because they have the training and experience necessary to safely and effectively eliminate these pests.

Identify The Types Before Calling Termite Control Melbourne

Don’t risk your property’s safety by being late in identifying termite infestation in your property. Termites often cause irreversible property damage. Most of these structural damages don’t fall under property insurance. Hence, property owners bear the loss. Termites are small, nearly invisible insects that strongly impact the place they infest. They feed on wood and can chew up all the timber-made items around the property if you are not careful enough. And call for termite control Melbourne at the earliest sign of infestation.

The popular types of termites in Australia:

There are about 300 species of termites available in Australia. Hence, it is very typical that people will only be able to identify some of the species separately. But these termite species are unique in their characteristics. Thus, they carry different types of danger for humans. Identifying these creatures correctly is essential to prevent them from bringing more destruction.

These termites are classified based on their nesting and food habits. Knowing all these details will help you take the proper steps to eliminate termites from your property.

Subterranean termites:

In Australia, you will mostly find subterranean termites. It is one of the most destructive pests all around the world. In buildings, these termites will eat up all the timber furniture. In the wild, subterranean termites love to infest rotten or about-to-rot woods. However, they attack sound wood too.

Subterranean termites make nests near moist ground. You will always find these termites around some source of moisture. They can’t survive without a wet environment. That’s why in the dry season, these termites tunnel down deep into the soil to find water.

Signs Of Subterranean Termites:

These termites use soil, wood and saliva to build tubes and nests. Sometimes, they make mud tubes to connect their nest to the earth. They create four types of pipes. These tubes have different purposes, such as exploring, searching for food, connecting the nest to the ground, to protect themselves in diverse weather conditions.

Drywood termites:

Drywood termites live inside timber as a colony. These colonies are small and have less than 1000 members. This termite species prefer softwood and hardwood timber to infest, although they avoid heartwood. They need highly humid weather conditions to survive. That’s why they live inside the wood or timber furniture.

Their primary water source is wood. That’s why they don’t look for another water source in the ground. Hence, these termites don’t build connecting tubes to the ground. These termites feed across annual rings. This characteristic makes them different from subterranean termites. 

Signs Of Drywood Termites:

These termites live inside the wood. Until the branch breaks, they live primarily undetectable. But if you see white ants on your property, you mostly have a Drywood termite infestation in your surroundings. Then call for termite control Brighton to control termite infestation.          

Dampwood termites:

If there is a piece of decayed wood lying on the moist soil for a long time, know that you will find Dampwood termites there. They prefer wood; they prefer moisture. Hence, they infest decaying damp wood and build it their home. Check for termite infestation if there is a water leak near any timber element in your home. This particular species can make it a hotspot.

They live entirely inside the wood and make extensive open galleries. When you discover their infestation inside a wood, believe that these termites have been living there for years by making the colonies.

Signs Of Dampwood Termites:

Inside concrete construction, their infestation is manageable. All you need is to remove the water source. But in the wood, they are hard to remove. They feed on rotting wood. Hence, you can look for the signs of their infestation in dead wood.

Termites are often mistaken as ants or wasps. But this misidentification can usually cost financial losses to property owners. A qualified termite control Melbourne professional helps you correctly identify different types of termites easily. After that, they ensure that the most effective measures are taken to deal with the termite infestation.

If you need more confidence about all the different termite characteristics to remove them properly, call Pest Free Nests. We are a qualified pest control service that helps you deal with all kinds of home pests, such as rats & mice, ants, flies, spiders, etc. we also offer one of the most affordable rates in the industry. Contact us to keep your home pest free.

How Can You Ensure Your house is termite- Free?

In order to improve the safety atmosphere in our home, we must control insect infestations. However, there are many different sorts of pests that may be found in our homes, termites are the kind that inflict the greatest damage and necessitate costly repairs. If you notice any evidence of a termite infestation in your home, contact a professional Termite control Melbourne like Pest Free Nests for an examination and treatment. You may encounter a number of therapy providers, but selecting the proper one can provide you with important advantages.

There are several methods for eradicating termites from your home, just as there are for any other pest therapy. Termite control, on the other hand, is critical for keeping your home secure and clean. Individual treatments are carried out depend on the seriousness of the termite problem. It is vital to identify the suitable termite breed and select the correct remedy. Pest Free Nests Termite control Melbourne employ appropriate, effective, and safe materials. These specialists utilise their practical knowledge the appropriate treatment for the condition.

Some of the remedies pest control professional employ:

Treatment with pesticides:

This is the most common and successful way for treating termites and other pest infestations. Despite the fact that numerous innovative treatments are being used, pesticides still produce better results. To manage a pest problem, professionals usually use organic and ecologically friendly agrochemicals.

The insecticide is sprinkled or splashed directly onto contaminated wood or soil. Specialists who provide Termite control service in Melbourne put holes into the affected region, apply insecticide, and thoroughly close the hole. As a consequence, the termites are caught and exterminated in a short amount of time.

Treatment of the Soil:

Termites are often found in the earth, where they migrate from long distances in search of food. As a reason, soil remediation may be one of the most effective strategies for eradicating them. Pesticides must be used on the exact ground wherever termites are confirmed.

You can use insecticides to treat the sections of your home where you believe termites are entering. When all of paths are sealed, termite from the earth and surroundings will be unable to access your property and cause harm to the structure.

Bait Treatment:

If insecticides aren’t performing as well as you’d like, try using the bait technique to fool the termites. To attract termites, place baits around your house or on the grounds where you are aware of their existence. These baits are made up of termite-killing substances that the termites will consume and destroy.

There is indeed a great deal of research being done to improve termite bait therapy. You can even use such baits to eliminate termite in large numbers around insect habitats. chlorfluazuron, trioxide, Hexaflumuron, are common constituents in the baits, all of which are highly efficient termiticides.

Thermal Dependent Therapies:

It is well known that pests are extremely temperature sensitive. A sudden decrease in temperature may destroy them instantly with little to no effort. You can always use you hoover to dispose them once they’ve been eliminated. If termite are invaded any of your belongings, you can remove them with incredibly hot or freezing temperatures.

Termites in dried solid wood or tiny wooden structures can be killed using digital and thermal conduct. The main disadvantage of this method is that it isn’t very lengthy. You must keep an eye out for their reappearance.

Treatment Prior to Construction:

It is a method used prior to the construction of your home. Chemicals are used to remediate the soil layer that is in immediate communication with the base and subfloor structure. The substances are sprayed to the core channel’s sidewalls and top layers.

Termite control prior to construction is the most effective way to keep termites at bay. And believe me when I say that this is the best and easiest technique to get rid of termites. Because there are no barriers such as furniture or walls, there is also no chance of destruction of property. It is just less affordable than post-construction treatments.


Termites do not transmit diseases to humans; however they can be a nuisance in the home. They can cost you a lot of money because of the damage they cause to timber structures. And even worse, you may not realise you have a pest problem even if there is apparent damage. So, the next time you notice a termite or other pest problems in your home, call Pest Free Nests for professional Termite control Melbourne.

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