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Don’t risk your property’s safety by being late in identifying termite infestation in your property. Termites often cause irreversible property damage. Most of these structural damages don’t fall under property insurance. Hence, property owners bear the loss. Termites are small, nearly invisible insects that strongly impact the place they infest. They feed on wood and can chew up all the timber-made items around the property if you are not careful enough. And call for termite control Melbourne at the earliest sign of infestation.

The popular types of termites in Australia:

There are about 300 species of termites available in Australia. Hence, it is very typical that people will only be able to identify some of the species separately. But these termite species are unique in their characteristics. Thus, they carry different types of danger for humans. Identifying these creatures correctly is essential to prevent them from bringing more destruction.

These termites are classified based on their nesting and food habits. Knowing all these details will help you take the proper steps to eliminate termites from your property.

Subterranean termites:

In Australia, you will mostly find subterranean termites. It is one of the most destructive pests all around the world. In buildings, these termites will eat up all the timber furniture. In the wild, subterranean termites love to infest rotten or about-to-rot woods. However, they attack sound wood too.

Subterranean termites make nests near moist ground. You will always find these termites around some source of moisture. They can’t survive without a wet environment. That’s why in the dry season, these termites tunnel down deep into the soil to find water.

Signs Of Subterranean Termites:

These termites use soil, wood and saliva to build tubes and nests. Sometimes, they make mud tubes to connect their nest to the earth. They create four types of pipes. These tubes have different purposes, such as exploring, searching for food, connecting the nest to the ground, to protect themselves in diverse weather conditions.

Drywood termites:

Drywood termites live inside timber as a colony. These colonies are small and have less than 1000 members. This termite species prefer softwood and hardwood timber to infest, although they avoid heartwood. They need highly humid weather conditions to survive. That’s why they live inside the wood or timber furniture.

Their primary water source is wood. That’s why they don’t look for another water source in the ground. Hence, these termites don’t build connecting tubes to the ground. These termites feed across annual rings. This characteristic makes them different from subterranean termites. 

Signs Of Drywood Termites:

These termites live inside the wood. Until the branch breaks, they live primarily undetectable. But if you see white ants on your property, you mostly have a Drywood termite infestation in your surroundings. Then call for termite control Brighton to control termite infestation.          

Dampwood termites:

If there is a piece of decayed wood lying on the moist soil for a long time, know that you will find Dampwood termites there. They prefer wood; they prefer moisture. Hence, they infest decaying damp wood and build it their home. Check for termite infestation if there is a water leak near any timber element in your home. This particular species can make it a hotspot.

They live entirely inside the wood and make extensive open galleries. When you discover their infestation inside a wood, believe that these termites have been living there for years by making the colonies.

Signs Of Dampwood Termites:

Inside concrete construction, their infestation is manageable. All you need is to remove the water source. But in the wood, they are hard to remove. They feed on rotting wood. Hence, you can look for the signs of their infestation in dead wood.

Termites are often mistaken as ants or wasps. But this misidentification can usually cost financial losses to property owners. A qualified termite control Melbourne professional helps you correctly identify different types of termites easily. After that, they ensure that the most effective measures are taken to deal with the termite infestation.

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