Why Bird Control Is Essential For Your Commercial Property And How To Implement It

Birds are beautiful until you discover the nuisance they can create. After all, you will never want to deal with their feces, nests and mess on your commercial property. The best way is to call professional bird control in Brighton right in time before things go out of your hands and you have to bear huge damage repairing costs in your commercial property.

In case you want to try some bird control and bird removal methods, keep reading this guide.

What To Avoid When There Is A Bird Infestation On Your Commercial Property?

Keep these points in mind when you genuinely consider bird control and bird removal in your commercial space:

Never Try To Poison Them

Harming or killing some of the most endangered species is considered unlawful, and you may have to undergo legal complications. Also, decaying birds trigger bacterial growth and can invite other pests or give rise to health issues.

Hence it is ideal for getting in touch with experts in bird control in Glen Waverley to get rid of birds and their nuisance completely.

Refrain From Trying The Trap And Release Method

The trap-and-release method is difficult, and you may end up hurting your hands, face, and eyes in this process. This method does not, however guarantee the complete removal of the birds from your area. If the bird dies eventually, you may have to face legal threats, especially if the bird is an endangered specie.

What Should I Genuinely Keep In Mind During The Bird Control Process?

Understand The Issue Well

The first step to bird control in Melbourne is to research the issue. You need to carefully understand whether there is a bird infestation, and if yes, then what is the extent of it? Learn what attracts them towards your property so that you can find an ideal solution to the issue. It is also good to know the kind of bird that has infested your property so you will understand their behaviour and eating habits. When you have researched well about the bird, you can decide whether you really require to call the professional bird control in Brighton.

Check For Eggs And Chicks In The Nest

Look for eggs and chicks to ensure that you are not harming them in the process of controlling the adults. The chicks could be a protected specie, and it is better not to disturb the ecosystem. Hire professional bird control, as they can tackle them in the safest manner.

Gear Up While Removing The Nest

Bird droppings, feathers and nests can cause severe allergic reactions or can carry diseases. Thus when you are dealing with the birds, avoid any direct contact. Use protective gear like gloves and respirators. Put the nest in a bag and seal it properly. Birds get attracted to the smell of their nests, and hence you must sanitise the entire infected spaces. Sanitisation is also essential to eradicate germs and bacteria.

Quick Tips For Bird Control And Removal

Put up bird spikes and perch repellents to block the easy access of the birds. These elements will make their landing uncomfortable, and these act as a strong deterrent.

Set up sonic devices that produce mimic calls to distress the birds. These sounds make the birds uncomfortable, and they sense danger. So they never try to come back to your property.

Holographic bird tape and plastic cutouts of the predators work as visual deterrents for birds. The birds feel that the area is unsafe and thus go far away from your property.

Netting is a reliable and popular way to stop birds from entering your premises. Netting around windows, ledges and pipes, i.e. the open areas, prevents the birds from having easy access.

It is a sad truth that high-rise buildings and infrastructure have taken over the birds’ natural habitat. So, it is expected from an individual to be compassionate while taking up bird control measures. Get in touch with a reliable bird control company like Pest Free Nests, which implements eco-friendly and approved bird control solutions.

Remember, the most effective bird control in Brighton is just a click away!

3 Factors To Know Before Bird Control Melbourne

There are plenty of reasons calling bird control. However, the winged creatures are beautiful and very helpful to the environment. Yet, dealing with them can frustrate you when birds start infiltrating your homes. Apart from them making your place a mess with their droppings, they carry more than 60 different diseases, including Salmonella, histoplasmosis, Clostridium, E. coli and Listeria.

Hence, you can understand how dangerous it can be living in the same perimeter as them. That’s why it is essential to call bird control Melbourne in time before they can make you seriously ill.

Most birds aren’t cosmopolitan pests such as rodents or certain insects like ants, bees, etc. however, they can pose severe risks to food facilities if they find access to the place. The biggest problem is that birds are gradually making human residents their nests.

The reason behind this is undoubtedly an overpopulated world with consistently decreasing forests. Hence, it is only regular that they will infiltrate your place and home. Many people understand later that a pest bird in a typical home, commercial building or food facility be alert before they start making your place a dangerous site for you.

Three factors you must remember during bird control:

Attending a current issue when it comes to birds is also trickier than with rodents or insects. Some birds are exotic, and the wildlife protection act often gives them protection. Hence, during bird control service, you must ensure that you don’t end up hurting any valuable bird in the country.

Birds are extremely important in maintaining the ecological balance in the environment. And it is our duty to preserve their safe habitat for the betterment of our nature. However, they are pretty dangerous too. If they find out that you are breaking their nest, they can attack and injure you too.

Hence, it is vital to take care of a few factors for safe bird control on your property. Here we have mentioned a few details to which you must give attention to ensure you neither harm yourself nor birds during bird removal projects.

Inspect the issue for Bird Control:

Before calling in a bird control Brighton, inspecting your site is very important. In this inspection round, you must find out the types of birds present on your property. During this session, you should look into the corners of your property and each tree in your garden. Take photos of any birds you spot around your facility. Later, you must try to make an identification of the spotted bird ahead of time.

Through that, you can guide the bird control experts correctly. And they can also take necessary precautions to remove those birds from your facility without any problem. For better help, you can show the pictures and describe the features and characteristics of the spotted bird to the professionals. They can be quick in identifying bird species.

Give extra attention:

There are a few types of birds that deserve extra attention. Pigeons and sparrows are the two most common bird species found in most continents around the world. Australia and its neighboring islands are also filled with pigeons and sparrows. These types of birds are famous for making nests in human residents. That’s why you must look for their signs during your inspection round.

Pigeons and sparrows are pests birds that inhibit any properties. Be it residential or commercial, finding out pigeons droppings is a common occurrence. Also getting rid of them is also challenging. They always come back to the place. Hence it is essential that you relay this message to professional experts. They will take the necessary steps to make sure these birds will never come back to your place.

Understand the birds:

For a successful bird control project, you must understand their behavior. When they come and build a nest, you must find out. Their favorite place for nesting, like gardens, attics, terraces or air vents, must be known to you. Only after that will you be able to remove these pests from your property completely.

Especially knowing when birds lay eggs and their entire reproduction cycle is important. That’s why it is essential for you to know that if you don’t want to hurt them. If you try to break their nests when there are eggs, you are most likely to get attacked by these birds. Hence, you must ensure that the nests are empty and the birds are away from the nest when you call the bird control professionals.

These three factors are extremely important. Since catching birds is hard, you must prepare before bird control Melbourne reaches your property to remove the pests. Pest Free Nests is a famous pest control agency. You can take our help in controlling the different types of home pests on your property. Also, we offer the most competitive rate in the market. For more information, you must call our team. Let us help you in living more hygienically

Ways In Which Bird Poop Can Damage Your House & How To Prevent It

Bird faeces can carry several diseases that are harmful to humans. These diseases can be transmitted through contact with the faces, inhalation, or contact with an infected bird. Some conditions that can be transmitted include salmonella, psittacosis, and toxoplasmosis. Salmonella is a bacterial infection that can cause severe diarrhoea, vomiting, and fever. Psittacosis is a disease caused by the bacteria Chlamydia psittacine and can cause pneumonia-like symptoms. Toxoplasmosis is caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii and can cause flu-like symptoms.

How Does Bird Poo Damage Your House?

  1. Bird poop can stain your paint or siding.
  2. Bird poop can discolor your gutters and downspouts.
  3. Bird droppings are highly acidic and can eat away at mortar, stucco, shingles, and other building materials.
  4. Bird poop can attract insects and rodents, which can invade your home in search of food and shelter.

So, as you can see, it’s important to keep bird poop off your property to avoid damaging your house or making yourself sick!

Many things go into investigating the cost of damages from bird poop. The primary thing is to determine how bad the damage is. If it is just a few stains here and there, then the cost will be much less when having to call the experts for bird control in Melbourne.

How Can You Protect Your House from Bird Poop?

One of the many ways bird poop can damage your house is by leaving acidic deposits on your roof. Over time, these acidic deposits can eat away at shingles and eventually compromise the integrity of your roof. In addition, bird droppings can also stain and discolor your home’s exterior, making it challenging to keep your house looking its best.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to protect your house from bird poop. For example, you can install a physical barrier such as netting or wire mesh over vulnerable areas like vents or chimneys. You can also keep your yard clean and free of debris that could attract birds in the first place. Calling upon the experts for bird control in Brighton helps too. Finally, if you spot any bird droppings on your property, clean them up as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage.

If you enjoy having birds around your house, it’s essential to know how their poop can damage your property. Bird poop is acidic and can eat away paint, stucco, and metal. It also attracts insects, which can further damage your home. In addition, bird poop can cause health problems for you and your family if inhaled or ingested. Finally, while listening to birds chirping is soothing for the ear, it isn’t beneficial for the house’s structural integrity.

5 Effective Ways Of Bird Control Brighton

Many of us find it quite surprising that birds are getting counted under the pests section. However, most birds are very much harmless. However, certain species can be a nuisance as they invade and infest human residences. Thus you need to know a few ways of bird control Brighton. 


Birds and humans can co-exist by following just specific methods. Since we can’t ask birds not to damage our property, we must take thorough preventive measures to keep them at bay.

Here, we have informed our readers of some techniques to keep birds at bay.

What are the ways to prevent the pests bird from destroying your property:

If we are discussing preventive methods to keep pests birds away from our property, then you need to find a way so that they don’t even come to your place. The first step is defence your property from birds to protect it from damage.

Here are some ways to keep birds at bay. Note them down and use them in real life.

Bird netting

 Bird netting is using nets to prevent birds from invading your place. These nets are weatherproof, so they don’t get easily destroyed in the rain. The material used in these nets is also vital to carry the flock’s load. 

Where we can use bird netting:

Bird netting is most profitable to keep a specific property area away from birds. You can use a bird net in your backyard, rooftops, or lawn and protect individual plants. 

Benefits of using bird netting:

● 100% eco-friendly to keep birds away from your property.

● No bird is harmed. 

● The environment doesn’t get harmed in any out.

● Affordable too. 

● Effective in keeping birds away.

Bird control spikes:

Bird-controlling spikes, more commonly known as bird spikes, are one of the most effective methods of bird control Camberwell. Spikes are mounted on a solid base such as concrete walls or fences. These spikes are rod-like elements made out of stainless steel mainly.

Where we can use spikes:

We can use spikes on those places where birds generally sit and keep leaving their droppings. For example, roof apex, street lighting, pipes, building fences, etc., are some common favourite places for birds to hang out.

Benefits of using bird spiking: 

● Using spikes is easy. You don’t need any special skills.

● The spikes only prevent birds from roosting; it doesn’t actively harm birds.

● Maintaining bird spikes is very convenient. You can install the spikes and forget about it.

● It blends in so easily with the environment that spotting it is very difficult. Hence, it provides a great result.

Visual repellers: 

In visual repellers, we create illusions that exploit birds’ vision. You can use some reflections that scare birds away. Holographic tapes, lights, and predator animal figurines are some promising visual repellers. 

Where we can use visual repellers:

For bird control Glen Waverley, you can install some visual repellers on the balcony, rooftop gardens, private pools, etc.

Benefits of using visual repellers: 

● It doesn’t make any noise. Hence it becomes an environment-friendly device.

● It doesn’t harm birds or any other animal.

● Visual repellers are one of the most affordable bird prevention methods.

Sound repellers:

Use some devices to create audible or ultra-sonic sounds that scare the birds away from the property. This is how sound repellers work. It is very effective since birds can’t tolerate strong impacts coming from sudden noise. 

Where to use sound repellers: 

Generally, sound repellers are used in outdoor locations. Installing the devices on the rooftop, garden or backyard will be a great choice.

Benefits of using sound repellers:

● One device can cover a vast area. Hence it becomes an affordable choice of method to keep birds away.

● Installation doesn’t require any special skills.

● It also keeps other animals away too.


But let’s be serious, not every problem we can solve by putting spikes or nests. Some issues need human attendance. If you also think you must relocate some bird nests to prevent them from damaging your property, we ask you to connect with Pest Free NestsWe are a highly skilled and trained team who has experience in dealing with bird infestation in residential and commercial properties. If you are looking for some expert help for bird control in Brightoncontact us.

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