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Many of us find it quite surprising that birds are getting counted under the pests section. However, most birds are very much harmless. However, certain species can be a nuisance as they invade and infest human residences. Thus you need to know a few ways of bird control Brighton. 


Birds and humans can co-exist by following just specific methods. Since we can’t ask birds not to damage our property, we must take thorough preventive measures to keep them at bay.

Here, we have informed our readers of some techniques to keep birds at bay.

What are the ways to prevent the pests bird from destroying your property:

If we are discussing preventive methods to keep pests birds away from our property, then you need to find a way so that they don’t even come to your place. The first step is defence your property from birds to protect it from damage.

Here are some ways to keep birds at bay. Note them down and use them in real life.

Bird netting

 Bird netting is using nets to prevent birds from invading your place. These nets are weatherproof, so they don’t get easily destroyed in the rain. The material used in these nets is also vital to carry the flock’s load. 

Where we can use bird netting:

Bird netting is most profitable to keep a specific property area away from birds. You can use a bird net in your backyard, rooftops, or lawn and protect individual plants. 

Benefits of using bird netting:

● 100% eco-friendly to keep birds away from your property.

● No bird is harmed. 

● The environment doesn’t get harmed in any out.

● Affordable too. 

● Effective in keeping birds away.

Bird control spikes:

Bird-controlling spikes, more commonly known as bird spikes, are one of the most effective methods of bird control Camberwell. Spikes are mounted on a solid base such as concrete walls or fences. These spikes are rod-like elements made out of stainless steel mainly.

Where we can use spikes:

We can use spikes on those places where birds generally sit and keep leaving their droppings. For example, roof apex, street lighting, pipes, building fences, etc., are some common favourite places for birds to hang out.

Benefits of using bird spiking: 

● Using spikes is easy. You don’t need any special skills.

● The spikes only prevent birds from roosting; it doesn’t actively harm birds.

● Maintaining bird spikes is very convenient. You can install the spikes and forget about it.

● It blends in so easily with the environment that spotting it is very difficult. Hence, it provides a great result.

Visual repellers: 

In visual repellers, we create illusions that exploit birds’ vision. You can use some reflections that scare birds away. Holographic tapes, lights, and predator animal figurines are some promising visual repellers. 

Where we can use visual repellers:

For bird control Glen Waverley, you can install some visual repellers on the balcony, rooftop gardens, private pools, etc.

Benefits of using visual repellers: 

● It doesn’t make any noise. Hence it becomes an environment-friendly device.

● It doesn’t harm birds or any other animal.

● Visual repellers are one of the most affordable bird prevention methods.

Sound repellers:

Use some devices to create audible or ultra-sonic sounds that scare the birds away from the property. This is how sound repellers work. It is very effective since birds can’t tolerate strong impacts coming from sudden noise. 

Where to use sound repellers: 

Generally, sound repellers are used in outdoor locations. Installing the devices on the rooftop, garden or backyard will be a great choice.

Benefits of using sound repellers:

● One device can cover a vast area. Hence it becomes an affordable choice of method to keep birds away.

● Installation doesn’t require any special skills.

● It also keeps other animals away too.


But let’s be serious, not every problem we can solve by putting spikes or nests. Some issues need human attendance. If you also think you must relocate some bird nests to prevent them from damaging your property, we ask you to connect with Pest Free NestsWe are a highly skilled and trained team who has experience in dealing with bird infestation in residential and commercial properties. If you are looking for some expert help for bird control in Brightoncontact us.

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