Bees Control Brighton; Get Rid Of Bees without Killing Them

5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bees Without Killing Them

Too many bees all of a sudden around you or the property is naturally disturbing. If you have been noticing the same for a few days, there is a possibility that you have a bee infestation around your home. The honey bee population is at its peak, and they may find your property an excellent place to shelter. Although there are many ways to eliminate bees from your property that we shall discuss further, it is always best to hire professional bees control in Brighton.

Are Bees Useful?

Bees are immensely important insects, especially in agriculture. They help in pollination and also assist in abundant food production. People working in the field depend on beehives and even rent to initiate pollination of crops.People who encourage plantations find bee infestation highly beneficial.

Why Should We Remove The Bees?

Although bees are useful to some, they can be harmful to many. Especially if you have kids at home, they can feel curious aboullt the beehives, which have large quantities of bees, and may end up in a disaster. However, killing the bees is not an option because without bees, the world would be left without the production of honey. Bees removal is made easy by the experts of the bees control in Bentleigh. When you hire their service, they come equipped and offer safe and successful removal of bees.

How Can I Eliminate Bees Without Killing Them?

Here is a quick list of 5 natural ways to eliminate bees from your place :

1. Garlic Spray

Garlic is the one item that has an intense smell and is equally effective in keeping the bees out. Simply make a garlic spray by crushing a couple of gloves of garlic and adding it to water. Spray the solution around the house and other places where you can notice the hive and allow them to move out.

2. Cintronella

Citronella candles are also a great way to move away mosquitos and bees. These are effective in eliminating these insects without harming them. However, it take a few days of continuous burning of candle to get the best result. So, if you want an immediate solution, it is best to reach out to the professional bees control in Glen Waverley. Also, if it’s raining outside, the bees will not try flying out.

3. Smoke

Smoke is a highly effective way to keep the bees away from your abode as well as the entire property. Most animals and insects, including bees, are sensitive to smoke. When the honey bees smell smoke, they consider it a forest fire. As a result, they leave the place permanently. It is, however, recommended not to be present to experience the view of bees getting out due to smoke as the bees might be aggressive at this time, and situations may be vulnerable for humans and is best if controlled by the experts of bees control in Bentleigh.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon also act as a strong repellent for honeybees. Regularly spread the cinnamon over the areas that have a strong presence of bees. Cinnamon will help to remove the bees from your house but they will be still present in your ward. So, in case you want a complete removal, contact the experts of bees control in Brighton.

5. Peppermint

Using peppermint is another great way to put the honey bees away. You can simply place peppermint plants in those areas where you do not want their presence. Peppermint is helpful in driving the bees away, but you can also get peppermint whenever you need them for consumption. If nothing seems to work, simply contact professional bees control in Glen Waverley.

End Note

For better bee control and peace of mind, contact Pest Free Nests. Our experienced team offer safe and effective bee control measures that not only remove the bees away but also prevent future infestation.
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