How To Control Moth Infestation In Your Kitchen

The moths in the kitchen are very commonly called pantry moths. These critters are found in the kitchen cabinets. You will mostly find them among the dried foods, creating a nuisance in your pantry. Get in touch with a good moth control in Melbourne to get an effective moth removal service.

What Exactly Are Pantry Moths?

Pantry moths are tiny insects or closet moths. You will find these pesky insects flying around flour, cereals, pet foods, nuts, grains and dried fruits. These moths are grey in colour and have small wings. They have a reddish-brown hue on the other side of the wings. You will mostly find them indoors or particularly in storage with food packages.

How Should I Control Pantry Moths In The Kitchen?

Here are some tips to prevent pantry moth infestation from the experts of moth control in Springvale:

1. Clear Your Pantry

The first step is to remove all that you have in your pantry, particularly in the cabinets. You have to remove all food containers, drawers, food packages, etc. Make efforts to keep the space empty as much as possible.

2. Check The Goods And Get Rid Of Infested Packages

The next step is to inspect the packages that you have taken out from the pantry. Look out for holes and webs, and eggs that indicate larval infiltration. Inspect all the jars and lids. If you suspect an infestation, discard the item immediately. If things look unmanageable, moth control in Clayton can help you get rid of maths.

3. Vacuum The Spaces

It would be best to vacuum the doors and walls of your cabinets, drawers, drawer glides and other places where vacuuming is possible.

4. Wash The Surface

Wash all the surfaces with warm water and soap. You can also make a solution of vinegar and warm water to treat the remaining eggs. Use a peppermint that acts as a deterrent to lingering moths.

5. Wipe Off The Surfaces

Take a clear cotton swab and dip it in the solution of vinegar and warm water to clean the shelf support holes and other small crevices.

6. Clean The Vacuum And Tools

Experts of moth control in Melbourne recommend removing the vacuum bag and throwing away the dirt at once. The dirt and dust in the vacuum bag and the kitchen trash must be disposed of away from your kitchen. It would be best to wipe down the trash can using vinegar.

7. Avoid Restocking Immediately

Refrain from keeping the stock back in your pantry immediately. First, ensure no moths are lingering in any of your containers in the pantry. Before returning anything to the storage, ensure the jars are thoroughly washed and cleaned. Keeping the uninfested packages and stuff is best to ensure the lingering eggs are also killed.

Quick Tips To Prevent The Return Of Moth Infestation In Your Kitchen

  • Avoid leaving the food open. Insects and pests get encouraged to return to your kitchen when they find a food source. It is best to store food items in the refrigerator or place it in tightly sealed containers.
  • Your kitchen is primarily warm and humid, which lets in more pests and insects. Keep your kitchen dry and well-ventilated to stop these insects.
  • Check for any plumbing issues in the pantry and attend to them immediately. Also, clean the spillages regularly.
  • Use a lavender fragrance in your kitchen that could act as a deterrent to these insects.

If you are tired of the uncontrollable moth in your pantry, call Pest Free Nests for effective moth control in Melbourne.

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