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Just like other pests and rodents, ants can cause turmoil on your property. These insects have the ability to get into your lawn or estate unnoticed in search of food and shelter. Further, getting them out can be severely arduous once ants enter a place, particularly during the summer.

In warmer situations, the ants can rise in number exceedingly and nest in your home for food and water to avoid high temperatures. If you are looking for an Ant Control Ringwood, Pestfree Nests is your jar of cookies to grab.

How to Identify an Ant Problem:

At most times, ants go unnoticed at your residing site. However, the imprints left by ants or the sudden discovery of a nest can prolyl be how one recognises the spread of infection. There are certain species that have noticeable anthills, while certain types might affect the ground level with burrows at low surfaces. Here are some signs to watch for:

  1. Visible Anthills: Certain species build visible mounds of soil in your yard or garden.
  2. Trails: Look for trails of ants leading to and from a food source.
  3. Scattered Ants: If you see individual ants wandering inside your home, it could indicate a nearby nest.

Preventing Ant Infestations

The key to effective ant management starts with prevention. Here are some steps you can take to keep ants from making your home their home:

  • Remove the burrowing areas: Triumph in the lengthy tenure of ant management is not attained in a single day but initiates from removing the breeding grounds from your property. Discard the extra flora from the yard, unnecessary landscape waste material, debris, and other materials, which are the usual sites for ants to breed and settle.
  • Get rid of water sources: like every living being, ants also require water to live. Thus, they are attracted by accessible sources of water, usually in the dry seasons. Hence, regulate the moisture with the use of a dehumidifier in basements of your house, attics, roof spaces, chimneys, any cracks in the floor surface, and crawl spaces. Further, mend the leaking pipes and conduct regular, thorough checks in the laundry arena, under the washbasins and sinks for the damp and wet zones.
  • Eliminate the source of food: Ants usually seek shelter where there is an easy supply of food. The most significant way to prevent ants from conquering your home is by keeping your kitchen and food station clean. Make it a point to keep the trash zone clean and cover the trash cans with a heavy lid that covers the can entirely. Wipe the kitchen countertops and cabinets from time to time. Further, sweep the floor thoroughly, and don’t leave the food open anywhere. Seal the dry food in containers.
  • Eradicate the places of access: By this, it simply means to keep your house free of ants by not letting them in. Keep the indoor plants well-trimmed with regular checks. Nevertheless, it is best to keep the plants and trees away from the interior of the house. Do not leave any cracks in the house open, which can pave the way for the ants to enter. Thus, seal the fissures and crevices in the walls, doors, windows, drainage and utility pipes.

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