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We don’t need to inform you how many DIY ant control in Ringwood tips are available. Some are excellent, some are awful, and some are just hazardous. A 21- year- old guy, recently burned down his parent’s house while attempting to incinerate ants. He even killed three dogs in the process. This is obviously an extreme scenario. But, it demonstrates how things may go wrong if you don’t properly treat a pest problem. Here are some of the main reasons why ant control in Ringwood is best left to the specialists. It helps you prevent a critter disaster. 

Problems with Do-it-Yourself At the control

  • Ants Sting– Ignoring an ant infestation in your house is a significant error that may physically bite you when you least expect it. While ants do not transfer illness, they do a bit, causing redness, swelling, and itching lumps. If the prospect of ants eating pieces out of you makes your skin crawl, it’s time to call in the expert pest control in Ringwood.
  • Ants are difficult to eradicate– If you believe smooshing the few ants you observed scampering across the kitchen floor constitutes accurate ant control in Ringwood, don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. The truth is that just a tiny fraction of ants seek food; therefore, killing them would do little. The only method to completely remove ants is to kill their colony and queen. And if you don’t know where to look for the nest, you can be stepping on ants for a long time. 
  • Ants are venomous– Carpenter ants will gnaw through almost any wooden structure, inflicting significant damage to your property. Ants, unlike termites, do not consume woods; instead, they burrow through them to build nests. Carpenter ants are most commonly found around dishwashers, sinks, laundry rooms, and restrooms. If you see sawdust caused by ants excavating tunnels, contact a professional ant control service in Ringwood, i.e. Pest free nests. 
  • DIY ant cures do not work– Commercial ant traps and sprays can sometimes do more damage than good. Many of these chemicals are not only harmful, but they also split the colony, allowing the infestation to move further into your house. As a result, many homeowners may try home cures to treat their ant infestation, only to realise they have exacerbated the situation. 

You can count on ant control in Ringwood.

At Pest free nests, we only employ the safest, most efficient ant-eradication solutions. Don’t allow ants to take over your house. If you genuinely want to win the fight on bugs, make sure you hire professional exterminators. 

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