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Rats are a common problem in many household and commercial properties in Noble Park. They can cause damage to properties and transmit diseases that can pose health risks to humans. Thus, it is essential to hire a reliable Rat Control Noble Park to tackle this issue effectively.

Rats can cause significant damage to property as they have sharp teeth and can gnaw through almost anything. They can also create fires by chewing on electrical wires. Rats are carriers of several diseases like leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and hantavirus, which can pose health risks to humans. Therefore it is crucial to control their spreading through some preventive measures.

How Rats And Mice Are Different?

There is no significant difference between a rat and a mouse. Rats have their tails equal to their body size. They have short thick, and hairless tails compared to mice with long slender tails. The eating habits of mice and rats are a little different, and rats drink more water than mice. Rats are clever and make nests close to food and water supplies. They look stronger owing to their greater physique and give out larger drops. Pest Free Nests says It is best to consider an effective Rat Control Noble Park to maintain a hygienic environment at home and office.

How Do I Identify Rat Infestation?

Rat infestation is easy to identify if you follow these points:

  • Rat Dropping

Rat droppings look dark and moist when new and become old and grey when they dry out. You will find rats dropping near food packages, drawers, cupboards, under the sinks, and hidden areas. Detect new-found dropping to locate active rat infestation at home.

  • Gnaw Marks 

Fresh gnaw marks of the rats are lighter in colour and grow dark with time. Rats gnaw on the food packages as well as walls. So if you discover newly found marks, it indicates rat infestation. If the bite marks are relatively more extensive, it clearly shows the rat infestation in your living area.

  • Foul Odour

The smell of the urine of rodents excites pets like cats and dogs. If you notice your pets are unusually interested in an area, examine it. You can encounter stale ammonia smell from hidden areas that indicate an active infestation of rats. In case you could inhale a strong, pungent odour, it is clearly a dead rat in the nearby area, which is also a clear sign of rat infestation.

  • Hear Scratching Noises

Rats become active, particularly during the nighttime. You can hear their squeaky noise from behind the cabinets and walls and beneath the floors. Keep an eye on your pets to check whether they are interested in exploring what is going on behind the walls. Even if you stumble on some food items on the floor that you left open the previous night, it could mean there is the presence of rats in the house.

  • Find Nests 

It is easier to locate rat nests at home. Rats make nests using dried plants, fabric, shredded paper, etc. The presence of rats gets confirmed if there are other significant signs like fresh gnaw, droppings, and tracks. Furthermore, if there is a usual smell of the rats, it indicates an active infestation.

Get Professional Rat Control Noble Park Services Right Now!

Professional rat control services have the experience and expertise to provide an effective and lasting solution to a rat infestation. They use advanced techniques to identify all the areas that are likely to have been infested with these creatures. They use the best preventive measures and safe products to remove the rats in your house.

We at Pest Free Nests appoint licensed professionals to adhere to industry standards while delivering services. They render quality services, identify the problem from its root, and provide thorough treatment.

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