How To Eliminate Mites From Your Property

Dust mites are not exactly visible to the naked eye, but the harm they cause to your body is no less. Dust mites get attracted to the skin flakes, which become their major source of food. Although they do not bite, their droppings can trigger allergies and asthma. Read this blog to learn how you can keep your environment free from dust mites and how professional mites control in Springvale can help get rid of the mites effectively.

Read the following tips to know what exactly you can do:

1. Keep A Regular Bed Cleaning Routine

Mites grow more in numbers in warm and humid environments, and thus, our beds are the ideal place for the mites to thrive. Change the bed linens frequently to keep the mites in check. It is best to clean and change all your washable bedding at least once a week. Use hot water to clean the bedding to kill the dust mites and allergens. Mites control in Clayton implements more techniques to eliminate mites from your bed and mattress.

2. Use An Easy To Clean Bedding

When you lack time in your fast-paced life routine, select the bedding that can be cleaned easily. Avoid using bulky bedding that is unsuitable for washing machines. Also, make sure to use smooth fabric materials than bedding that traps more dust.

3. Get Protective Coverings For Your Mattress

Adding protective coverings to your mattresses and pillows is perhaps a pretty convenient way to keep the dust mites away. Use mattresses that you can use with zipped covers. These coverings act as a barrier between you and the dust mites. The dust inside gets trapped and killed in the cover. Ensure steam cleaning of these mattresses from mites control in Noble Park to get rid of the mites.

4. Wall-to-wall Carpeting Is Not A Good Option

As mites enjoy a warm and cosy environment, your wall-to-wall carpet flooring becomes the breeding ground of the mites. The dust mites are very difficult to clean from the carpet surfaces. It is best to remove wall-to-wall carpeting to stay away from dust mites. Instead, you can use vinyl, laminate or tile flooring.

5. Use Regular Vacuuming

Suppose you want to minimise dust in your home and vacuum regularly. Carpets, rugs, mattresses and curtains must be vacuumed often to eliminate dust mites. Remember to use a HEPA filter or double-layered micro filter bag to collect the dust and dust mites for safe disposal. Steam cleaning is also an ideal way to kill the mites and keep your fabrics free from contaminants.

6. Control The Level Of Humidity

Dust mites get attracted to a humid environment. Windows with a leak, incorrect duct work and damp crawl spaces can contribute to the humidity level in your house. Keep a hygrometer handy to determine the level of humidity and reduce the level of moisture by using a dehumidifier. Try keeping your windows open on a breezy and sunny day, keep the vents dust-free and make sure the fans are always functioning properly. All these measures help to keep a check on the dust mites.

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