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Bed bugs are those nocturnal creatures that feed on human blood and hide within the house furniture. Many people start itching their bones just a word about these insects. Without even letting it come to the knowledge, they penetrate animal and human skin and suck their blood. Bed bugs are one of the most challenging insects once infested. Bed bugs control in Glen Waverley becomes a task when these creatures enter your home. Therefore, it is always advised to act quickly as you spot a single one of them on your property. But even before you opt for professional services, few signs give you the surety of full-fledged infestation-

Signs of bed bugs- 

  • The bed bugs leave behind red, small and itchy marks. So, if you are waking up to these red itchy spots across your body, then it’s nothing more than a sign of bed bug invasion.
  • You know the property is invaded with bed bugs when you start smelling a stale and unfamiliar odour in your property.
  • When you start seeing blood over your upholstery and the sheet, it’s a sign that you are facing bed bug problems. This is the perfect time to get your house a bed bug inspection.
  • When you notice rusty, dark-coloured spots on the mattress, it’s the earliest sign of bed bugs invading your property. When they stay somewhere large in numbers, they usually leave faecal marks on the bedding or elsewhere.

If you come across any of the aforementioned signs, then it’s about time that you get in touch with Pest Free Nest and enquire about the bed bug treatment cost for your property.

How to keep the bed bugs away?

As an age-old saying goes, Precaution is better than cure. Therefore preventing the entry is always better than curing it later. A few ways to keep them away from home- 

  • We have to be vigilant to let them not enter the clothes. For instance, whilst staying in a hotel, you have to keep the suitcase on the stand and not on the floor. Another aspect is to wash all the clothes and even hot dryer. 
  • Should always be careful while opting for used furniture. It’s mandatory to inspect both the new and old furniture, including the joints, seams, tufts and cushions. 
  • To prevent the bugs from entering the textiles, buying a hypoallergenic cover or plastic for the mattress, furniture, and box springs is essential. 
  • It would be best to get rid of all the clutters as it helps in bed bug control in Glen Waverley. Cleaning the dressers and the nightstands regularly and removing the clothes, magazines and papers from the floor reduces the chance of hiding.
  • The floor and mattress should be vacuumed regularly.
  • There are generally cracks around electrical outlets, baseboards, furniture, and light sockets. These cracks should be filled using caulk.

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