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Controlling ants can be a real challenge until you talk to the doctors of Ants Control Noble Park. Ants build their nests almost anywhere. In their process of searching for food and water, the ants contaminate our food and can inflict a painful sting on getting disturbed. Specific carpenter ants even go to the extent of damaging structures.

Ants are the most commonly found insects that infest our households. These are found in large numbers, and they differ in their species in terms of characteristics, nesting sites, food habits, etc. They have the ability to exploit resources, and our house offers them unlimited supplies needed for their survival. Whenever you encounter a single ant, it indicates that there must be a colony nearby. A professional ant control company will help combat a menace in your home and office by regulating reliable ant control treatment.

Why Do Ants Invade?

Ants primarily forage in buildings in search of food and water. During the process, they get attracted to various items like meats, fats, oils and sweets. Most of the species gather their nest mates to collect the food items and carry them to their nests. Thus you can witness a large number of ants within a very short period of time. Pest Free Nests professional Ants Control Noble Park is a long-term solution to all the issues related to pest infestation in your residential and commercial spaces.

Why Are The Ants Difficult To Control/Eradicate?

Ants have a typical behaviour that makes them difficult to control or eradicate. Ants are significantly smaller insects that can enter even through the tiniest cracks. They visit in search of sweets, water or even some greasy substances in the kitchen and pantry. The family of ants consists of an egg-laying female, males and workers, many of whom are foragers in gardens or kitchens. Ants secrete pheromones that help their fellow ants locate their food source.

Types Of Ants And Their Characteristics

  • Nuisance Ants

Nuisance ants build their nests close to the house. They hide under the soil, an object, or even the house itself. You will find them both indoors and outdoors. They follow an invisible trail to reach their source of food and water. Nuisance ants contaminate food, so eliminating the trail is better.

  • Mound building Ants

Have you noticed mounds in your patios, decks, along the sidewalks, mulch areas or lawns? These are probably the hidden spaces of the mound-building ants who have come in search of food and water.

  • Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants take shelter in common outdoor areas like decks, sheds, and tree trunks. They make tunnels in the wood that nullifies the substance. Carpenter ants may cause painful stings if you think of disturbing them.

  • Fire Ants

Fire ants have the capability to inject venom into anything that disturbs their peace. They usually nest outdoors and build mounds too. Fire ants have a stinger on their abdomen and can cause severe pains, which may require medical attention.

Find Solutions With Ants Control Noble Park

  • It is essential to detect ant species
  • Make the food and water source unreachable for ants
  • Track down the ant nests
  • Use the right chemical to eradicate the ant colony.

Our Ants Control Noble Park experts are highly trained professionals to meet the requirements. Individual situations differ, and we offer a tailored solution for each challenge.

At Pest Free Nests, We offer pest control services around Noble Park and have a proven track record of successful eradication of pests. If you are facing pest issues, we can help you with a hassle-free ant control service. Connect to us today to avail free quotation.


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