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Are you concerned that cockroaches are infesting your home? Have you been waking up every morning to excessive cockroaches lying on their backs? If so, you must educate yourself as much as possible on the tell-tale indicators of a cockroach infestation.

You should contact Cockroach control in Brighton as soon as you recognise these symptoms. If you put off this process, your home can sustain significant damage, and you and your family could become ill.

See the detailed instructions below for a list of all the indications that you need to contact a pest control company immediately to get rid of roaches.

You’ve detected a faint musty odour

This is not encouraging. Humans can undoubtedly smell cockroaches, but if you notice a strong, musty odour in your home, that suggests there are many roaches.

Most homeowners assume that their bathroom’s musty odour is caused by standing water or wonder if it has always smelled that way; however, neither of these assumptions is true.

Contact a reputable pest control company like Pest Free Nests straight away. They can assist you in determining the locations of infestations

Your home and whether or not a cockroach infestation is to blame for the musty odour and provide you with Cockroach control in Camberwell. 

Hotspots Are Where You Found Cockroaches

The likelihood of a cockroach appearing in a particular location varies, as you might expect. First of all, it’s a reliable source of food and water. Therefore that’s the primary reason why they’re in your home.

This is why you’ll see them more frequently in some home regions. The laundry room, basement, and restrooms are a few examples of these locations.

Open drawers, inspect gaps in furniture and look beneath things for these household pests if you want to conduct a thorough search.

Schedule an appointment with a reputable pest control company as soon as you notice one cockroach.

Bodily Waste

Although gross, it’s a typical indication that you should contact a pest control business. Regardless of whether roaches cause the droppings, you don’t want them to remain in your home over the long term.

Roach droppings are tiny and typically found in moist spaces, like within cabinets or under sinks. It’s so tiny that at first look, you might think it’s coffee grounds.

Please do not attempt to clean it up without wearing gloves; instead, call a pest control professional. Their excrement may contain disease or bacteria that can make you ill.


Although technically called an “exoskeleton,” most homeowners would refer to what they perceive as “flakes” of skin on their floor.

The roaches’ overgrown skin is visible in those flakes. They shed the skin as they reach adulthood and continue with their lives. The boldness!

If you notice exoskeleton flakes about your house, it’s not just a clue that you have roaches—it also means that they are thriving there.


Having reviewed a comprehensive list of indications that prompt immediate Pest control in Camberwell, make sure you put this knowledge to good use.

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