Cockroach control Melbourne

Don’t get shocked. But cockroaches are the most common pest in an Australian household. Thus it is very important to know tips and tricks for cockroach control Melbourne. 

If you experience roaches infestation in your household, you can use these methods to keep their infestation in check. Hence, your home will be fresh, healthy and hygienic.


5 Methods to keep cockroaches in check:

We have mentioned these tried and tested methods that have provided promising results in removing cockroaches from properties. Follow the below techniques dedicatedly for a cockroach-free home. 


Keep the kitchen clean and tidy:

The world survives on food. Pests come to any place in search of food. If you have an open kitchen with food items scattered in place, it will be heaven for cockroaches. 


Then you might wonder how they are even coming to a clean kitchen. They keep coming to your place because they are still getting some food at your place. Hence, it is time to clean your kitchen place deeply and thoroughly. 


Clean the stains and grease thoroughly, as it also can be a source of their food. Keep the food left over in air-tight jars so that cockroaches can’t get access there. Also, keep the pet food bowls clean. It is one of the most accessible sources of food for pests. If you keep your house clean and tidy, you also can keep cockroach control, Glen Waverley.


Prevent water leakage around the house:

Water is another important factor that calls pest infestation. You will always find some cockroaches around the open water sources at any property. Thus, it is now time to check if there is any water leakage or open water source hidden from views. 

For cockroach control Camberwellchecking and patching up all the open water sources works very effectively. When cockroaches do not find any water to survive, they will slowly vacate the place. 


Although cockroaches can live up to 2 weeks without water, if you don’t provide them with any moist ground, they will surely not live in that place. For large leakages, call some plumbers to fix the problem.


Clean the scraps and wastage:

Any pest comes to our homes in search of food, shelter and moisture. They will most likely stop invading your place if you stop providing them with one of these three facilities. After you keep your kitchen clean and tidy, they will not find any food source in your home.


Now is the time to not provide any shelter that they can use as their homes. Pests always prefer messy and untidy places. If you keep waste and junk stored at your property, you call for roaches infestation. 

Cleaning your place free from stored cardboard boxes and other storage boxes is the easiest way not to provide a home to cockroaches. We advise you to remove any unused packages or unwanted waste to remove from your property at the earliest. 



Seal any cracks and holes:

If cockroaches are coming and infesting your place, there must be a way they are using to infiltrate your home. In most cases, they come through cracks in the wall. Especially if you are living in an old house, then you are most likely to find pest infestation in the old and broken walls.


Inspect your home and find out if there is any broken seal or cracked walls are there in your property. If yes, then for effectively repairing service and sealing those cracks and holes. Don’t leave any large gaps that roaches might use to their advantage. 


Use home remedies: 

There are lots of home remedies that can prevent cockroaches from coming and infesting your home. These home remedies are safe to use and don’t harm or intoxicate the inside air in our home. 


Using baking soda and sugar mixture at a 1:1 ratio can kill the cockroaches. Make a paste of these ingredients and keep it near the cockroaches’ homes. Roaches will come and eat this sweet mixture. 


Borax and sugar mixture also performs the same. To make this mixture, use borax to sugar at a 3:1 ratio. It is a more effective method than baking soda and sugar mixture. 


If you notice cockroach infestation, call for professional help. Pest Free Nests is one of the most trustworthy names in cockroach control Melbourne. We offer services in residential and commercial properties at a very affordable rate. Contact our executive team to know our services in more detail. 

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