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Rodent attack is a severe problem in Australia. No matter it is in the urban areas, or you live in the suburbs, a rodent infestation can be a constant issue you need to deal with. The summer season helps them in growing quickly. If you want to get rid of them, you also need to be fast with some effective measures to be safe on your property. The subtropical climate helps in rodent infestation. You will notice the growth in multiple numbers in warm and moist environments. They also look for safe shelters and food. That’s why they start invading human residents and offices. If you don’t properly clean and take measures for rodent control Melbourne, you will soon experience the damage brought by them.

Note these three tips for better rodent control:

Safety reasons are the primary concern when it comes to rodents. Rodents are active carriers of different diseases. For example, leptospirosis is one such disease. Typhus is also a fever caused by mice. Rodents contaminate our food with their saliva, hair or other droppings. When humans consume that food or come in contact with rodent saliva directly, we get infected.

Keeping areas clean and not providing food and shelter to rats & mice can be an effective way to keep them far away from your property. But the task is more challenging than it sounds. Many times we couldn’t understand and ended up providing an exact environment to thrive them in numbers.

There are many ways to keep your property rodent-free. But the result will depend upon how meticulously you can follow the tips. Here we have mentioned a few tips that can help to keep your residential and commercial property free from them. Let’s learn them first.

Using rodent traps:

There are many physical traps available in the market that you can use to control rats & mice. But to get the best result from these traps, you have to master the art of using these tools to your advantage. You can use any means, from simple physical traps to more complicated catching devices.

The trapping method is one of the most cost-saving methods you can use to keep rodent control. In many situations, a few rats might need to be taking the bait. In that cases, physical traps can be a great help. Even where you can’t use chemical pesticides, especially in food farms, physical trapping is the only way to keep rodents in control.

If your place has only a few mice, but you don’t want to let them grow in numbers, use traps to catch them.

Sanitising the place:

If you are looking for ways to prevent rodents from causing further problems, sanitising your place can be a way. Sanitisation helps mainly where you store foods. Rats invade any human resident for shelter, water and food. If you stop providing all these three to them, they are more likely to vacate your place again.

If you find rodents in part of your property, you must assess that place thoroughly. Then, you can perform sanitisation in that place. You should maintain a proper level of hygiene. That will discourage rodents from infesting your area.

Make sure there is no leakage water source present in your property. It will help if you cut the water supply for the rodent. Also, clear the clutter to keep your place pest free. Rodents love a cluttered place to make it their home. If you stop offering junk to be their infesting place, you will get home free from rats and disease.

Using chemical rodenticides:

When these natural home therapies don’t work anymore, you can choose some chemical rodenticides to eliminate these pests all at once. However, we don’t promote animal killing. But sometimes, the infestation becomes so severe that, without using chemical pesticides, we don’t have any other way left for rodent control Brighton.

These rodenticides can kill rats & mice in a single acute dose or in multiple quantities. In this method, people generally use metal phosphides as food bait. These are one of the fastest rodenticides. It works with stomach acids, and it disrupts normal body functions.

If a rodent problem is disturbing your natural flow of life, then taking some strict measures is a call for hours. Although regular cleaning can keep your place pest free, having some professional rodent control Melbourne once in a while is a great way to keep the hygiene level of your place intact. For that, you should keep some qualified pest control numbers handy.

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