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Professional Wasp Control in Bentleigh

A wasp infestation is not something that you should take lightly. Not only do these aggressive insects create a nuisance simply by being present, but they can also make you suffer by leaving painful stings. In certain cases, wasps also inflict people with allergic reactions and sometimes even life-threatening anaphylactic shocks.

If you observe the presence of wasps on your property, it is essential that you get rid of the wasp nests to protect your health and comfort. We, Pest Free Nests, are here to offer you the best help in getting rid of wasp nests from your home in the safest possible manner. We are a leading pest control company specialising in offering expert services of wasp control in Bentleigh.

With the use of advanced tools and techniques, our pest control experts will efficiently eliminate all existing pests from your premises without breaking the bank. Our licensed and certified specialists are trained to find the wasp nests effectively and then completely eliminate them. Count on us for an expert professional wasp removal service in Bentleigh.

Types of Wasps that We Eliminate

We specialise in eliminating all common wasp types that are found in Bentleigh. Some of these species include:

European Wasps

The most common type of wasp that people get stung by in Bentleigh is the European Wasp. These insects have yellow and black bodies, which are about 1.5 centimetres long. This type of wasp builds a variety of nests, both inside and outside of a building. However, the goal is to find a dry shelter. The nest of this type of wasp is often difficult to locate unless you stumble across it or search for it purposefully. Some of the places European wasps choose to build their nest in are hollow trees, your garage or wall cavities, holes in the ground, etc.

A nest of European wasps contain thousands of wasps with one queen. If you observe the presence of this type of wasp in your house, get in touch with us for an immediate and effective service of wasp removal in Bentleigh.

Yellow Jacket Wasps

Also known as the social wasps, yellow jacket wasps remain active only during the daytime and tend to be more aggressive in comparison to other wasp species. This type of wasp builds its nests in places such as balconies, in trees and bushes, under eaves, and in garages.

If this type of wasps make a nest in your home, they may sting you multiple times, often to protect their nest. If you notice the presence of yellow jacket wasps in your home, connect with us for an efficient wasp nest removal service in Bentleigh.

Paper Wasps

Another common type of wasp found in Bentleigh is the paper wasp. This type of wasp is less aggressive, and they are easy to identify. These wasps build honeycomb-style nests that can be recognised easily. Unlike European wasps, paper wasps do not build their nest in the ground.

If there is an infestation of paper wasps in your home, call us without delay for an efficient wasp removal service in Bentleigh.

Steps Involved in Our Wasp Removal Services

While offering our expert professional pest control in Bentleigh, we follow the following steps:

Identification of the Insect

As the first step of our bee & wasp removal in Bentleigh, we will inspect your property to find the nest and make sure the wasps living there are indeed wasps, bees, hornets, or yellow jackets. Then, we will find out which particular type of wasp they are. Different insects require the application of different methods to be removed.

So, first, we need to find out which type of insect we are dealing with so that we can apply the right wasp removal method accordingly.

Removal of the Wasp Nest

Once we identify the exact type of insect we are dealing with, the next step we take is to get the nests out of your property in the safest and smoothest possible way. While removing the wasp nests from your home or commercial property, we make sure not to aggravate the wasps so that your family and employees do not get stung in the wasp removal process.

While offering our wasp nest removal services in Bentleigh, we also take measures to make sure they cannot spread or come to your place.

Comprehensive Cleaning Up of the Area

As we remove the wasp nests from your property, we also make sure to professionally clean up the residue left by the insects. While cleaning the affected areas, we also identify items that might serve as a source of food for the wasps and make arrangements for getting rid of them. This prevents these insects from coming back to your place.

Besides our services of bee & wasp control in Bentleigh, Pest Free Nests also offer a comprehensive range of pest control services. Connect with us to get rid of pest infestation from your property with our highly qualified experts.


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