How To Prevent Mice During Home Renovation

It takes a lot of pain and wealth to renovate your house and give it a brand-new look. Now that you have refurbished and redecorated your old home, you will surely not expect pests and insects in your new home to create a nuisance. However, as soon as you notice one, get in touch with an effective mice control in Springvale and ask for immediate remedies.

Mice have a soft and tiny body structure that allows them to squeeze through even the little holes that leads to your homes. They generally come to your house while looking for some food, shelter and water. So the mice get through all the possible inlets that direct inside the home.

How Should I Prevent Mice From Coming Into My Renovated Home?

When you renovate your home, you wide open your areas to allow more mice in your property. Most renovation work takes a significant time to complete, and some parts of the houses are left open for even days. Thus you can expect an uncontrollable amount of mice entering your property. The worst news is mice carry fleas and ticks, spread diseases like Hantavirus and salmonella and can cause damage to your property. Hence you need to stop them from entering your property in time or take measures to eradicate them either with some DIY methods or with the help of professional mice control in Springvale.

Here are some ways to prevent uncontrollable rats and mice on your property:

1. Remove The Piles Of Dirt From Your Ward

Post-renovation piles up a lot of dust and debris. Your yard gets cluttered, and you do not have control over all that is happening under the pile of rubble. As a result, the mice use the garbage heaps, piles of wood and unraked leaves as a cover to enter your house stealthily. Experts of mice control in Clayton recommend disposing of the banks of debris or unwanted heaps of building refuse to discourage rodents and mice.

2. Dispose Of Garbage

A trash can full of trash as well as food particles, acts as a major source of food for mice and rats. An expert from mice control in Nobel Park will ask you to get rid of such garbage containing food or food cans as soon as possible to stop the mice from getting attracted to your house.

3. Seal Up The House

Tiny and stealthy mice look for chinks and cracks to get through the walls of your houses. Their soft and flexible body allows them to squeeze through tiny holes, crevices and gaps which generally get unnoticed. Find out how to protectively seal up all the openings such as windows, doors, vents and all that could become the possible entries of mice and rats. It is best to do this as and when the renovation work goes on to prevent them from entering your house right from the beginning.

4. Call The Professional Mice Control

When baits, traps, ammonia or any repellent fails to control the mouse on your property, talk to the mice control experts of PestFree Nests. They have all the advanced tools and products required to eradicate mice from your premises completely. With training and experience, they offer the best mice control in Springvale and ensure they do not return for many years.

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