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Mice belong to the family of rodents. Dealing with the mice infestation is not only an unpleasant experience but also a hazardous one. Hence it is best to look for licensed technicians of Mice Control Noble Park. Mice are the most common house species and have been staying in household places in search of food and water. Mice can be dangerous as they cause significant damage to health and property.

Mice carry infectious diseases. They chew infectious cable wires that can cause fire accidents. These creatures multiply quickly, and if you do not take effective measures in time, you may have to fight a full-blown infestation. The most worrisome is the fact that mice invite snakes which is their main predator. Thus it is essential to take mice control measures in time.

How Mice And Rats Are Different?

There is no significant difference between a rat and a mouse. Mice have longer tails compared to their body size. They have long, slender tails, while the rats have short, thick, hairless tails. The eating habits of mice and rats are a little different, and the mice drink only 3ml of water compared to the rats, who drink around 30ml. Mice, although look tiny, yet are in no way less harmful than the other members of the rodent family. It is best to consider an effective Mice Control Noble Park to maintain a hygienic environment at home and office.

Identifying Mice Infestation

The first step in eradicating mice is identifying the signs of mice infestation. Mice are nocturnal creatures, and hence you will find an active presence of the mice, particularly at night time. You can see droppings around the house, gnawed materials, food particles, etc. Squeaking and scratching noises could also hint at the presence of mice at home.

What Are The Diseases Caused By Mice?

Mice cause harmful diseases like

  • Salmonellosis
  • Meningitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Tapeworm
  • Ringworm
  • Rickets POX
  • Leptospirosis

Take Preventive Measures To Control Mice

Keeping the food items and debris open can invite mice to a large extent. Spills, crumbs, and food waste also invite them. Pests Free Nests suggests you Secure the food items in a tightly packed container to prevent food contamination. Seal the beans and dispose of the trash regularly. The mice enter your house even through the tiniest of openings; hence it is best to close off all the possible entries of the mice. To prevent mice infestation, mere spraying of peppermint is only sometimes effective. Although mice repel the strong scent of peppermint, it does not guarantee the complete eradication of these pests.

There are even some natural and non-invasive ways of preventing mice. Mouse traps in specific locations capture the mouse, and you can release them in some remote areas. Some homeowners also use sonic devices that emit high-pitched sounds to stop mice from entering the house premises. Additionally, certain chemical agents act as repellents for the mouse. However, these chemical products can be dangerous and cause fatal accidents in a house inhabited by kids and pets.

Hire Expert Mice Control Noble Park

If you want a discreet and effective mice control service, talk to the experts of Pest Free Nests. We are a reliable pest control company that provides a quality guaranteed service.

Our professionals offer the best solution when the mice infestation at your house is persistent and severe. With their experience and expertise, we completely eradicate pests at home and office. Talk to us if you have any concerns about our treatment. Call us to get the best Mice Control at Noble Park now!


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