The Importance Of Fleas Control At Your Home In Melbourne

People regularly ensure their pet stays healthy, but sometimes we forget that our home also has fleas, ticks, and other insects. This can be an unpleasant surprise for us when we are starting to clean in some new areas or even taking out the washing. Thus, here are a few tips and tricks on Fleas Control in Melbourne.

What is Fleas Control In Melbourne?

There are many ways to fleas control in Melbourne, but the best way is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. The most common way fleas enter homes is on pets. However, fleas can also enter through cracks and crevices in your home or on clothing or other belongings that have been in contact with fleas.

Once fleas are in your home, they can quickly multiply and become a big problem. To prevent this from happening, experts for fleas control in Melbourne agree that it’s essential to check your pets for fleas regularly and to treat them with a preventative if necessary. You should also vacuum your floors and furniture regularly to remove any eggs or larvae that may be present.

If you already have a flea infestation, many products are available to help get rid of them. These include sprays, powders, foggers, and bombs. Be sure to follow the directions carefully when using any of these products to avoid harming yourself or your pets.

How Do You Get Rid Of Fleas At Home?

Many people don’t realize that fleas are more than just a nuisance- they can pose serious health risks to humans and animals. If you have pets, you must be vigilant about flea control and treatment. Here are some tips on how to get rid of fleas at home:

1. Vacuum regularly. This will help to remove any fleas or eggs that may be lurking in your carpets or upholstery.

2. Treat your pets with an appropriate anti-flea medication prescribed by your veterinarian.

3. If you think your home may be infested, call a professional pest control company for fleas control in Brighton.

Where Can Fleas Live In Your Home?

As you may know, fleas are tiny insects that can jump great distances. They’re also excellent survivors and can live in many climates. Fleas prefer warm temperatures and generally live outdoors in areas with high humidity. But if the temperature drops or the humidity level falls. They’ll happily move indoors to your home, where it’s nice and warm.

Fleas can live anywhere in your home in a warm, humid environment. This includes carpets, furniture, bedding, and even cracks in floorboards or walls. Anywhere your pet spends time is a potential breeding ground for fleas, so it’s essential to check for signs of infestation.

Preventing Flea Infestation In The First Place.

One of the most important things you can do to prevent a flea infestation in your home is to groom your pets regularly. This means brushing them often, especially during warm weather months when fleas are most active.

It would help if you also considered using a quality flea collar and spot-on treatment recommended by your veterinarian. These products will help kill any fleas that may be on your pet, as well as prevent new infestations.

It’s also essential to keep your home clean and free of clutter where fleas could hide. Regular vacuuming, dusting and pest control with help from Pest Free nests will help create a less hospitable environment for these pests.

Details You Need To Know About Fleas Control Melbourne

With the increasing number of household pets, fleas have become a persistent problem in Melbourne households. Even if you keep your home neat and clean, you can still face flea problems on your property anytime. The reason is that the fleas’ eggs remain dormant for extended periods. That’s why people often need to remember to clean the hidden places that eventually become breeding hotspots of fleas. The female fleas can lay hundreds of eggs in some hidden corners of your property, such as the cracks in the wall, behind the garden fountain, at the pet’s resting area, etc.These eggs will hatch in time, and hundreds of fleas will be present at once if you don’t take any prevention steps at the right time. Fleas problem has always been associated with the summer season in Australia. Since the season is around the corner, with fleas control Melbourne you should get ready to welcome this festive time.

Australian fleas species:

Fleas are brown-coloured and oval-shaped small wingless insects. However, adult fleas can be as long as 2 to 4 mm. Don’t be surprised when we say that fleas are able to jump 200 times their body length. Hence, whenever you see some fleas around your property, know that they are using their powerful hind legs. Besides that, fleas also have six spiny legs.

Different fleas species have different characteristics. Some flea types feed on human and animal blood. However, some flea types survive on one host only. But some other types feed on multiple hosts. They don’t usually carry any disease. But flea bites can make you allergic, and you can contaminate typhus. Nevertheless, humans rarely catch any disease from fleas in Australia.

The popular types of fleas commonly found in Australia:

  • Cat fleas: It is the most common flea in Australia. It feeds on dogs, rats, humans and many other mammals.
  • Dog flea: It has a similar appearance to cat fleas. Dog flea also attacks different mammals.
  • Human flea: Among all the three types, this flea is now the most uncommon type. The reason might be rising hygiene standards in households. However, this flea attacks dogs, pigs, rats and humans too.

How to prevent fleas infestation on property:

There are ways how you can control fleas in your area. If you are cleaning your property, yet the fleas are coming back, then you should call for fleas control Brighton and other parts of the country. The experts are experienced in managing these parasites effectively.

Check the pets:

  • Household pets work as reservoirs of fleas for households. Even when you follow a cleaning routine for pets, fleas can still make your pest their favourite hosts. Your dogs and cats might feel irritated and attacked by flea bites. It can make them seriously ill at any time.
  • While cleaning your pets’ fur, always look for dormant eggs under their furs. Even fleas can be hidden around their ears and rump. Checking these places will help you get rid of them quickly.
  • If you find your pets scratching their ears repeatedly, you can run an inspecting method using a lengthy moist tissue. If you see blood stains as fleas’ faeces, you can be sure about fleas’ presence. If the damage is severe, visit your pet doctor and treat your furry friend with medical attention.

Maintain hygiene standards:

  • If you follow a high standard of hygiene in your home, you are less likely to get fewer fleas attacks on your property. It will also help you live healthily as less pesticide is involved in this treatment method. Keep a schedule of dusting and moping the entire property thoroughly. Remember to look behind the decorative wall art and always clean the carpets.
  • Fleas are prevalent in the areas where pets rest. That’s why you should always check for these areas deeply when cleaning your property. Always perform vacuum cleaning or steam cleaning of the pet beds.
  • If the infestation is hard to control, you should go for chemical treatments to maintain the safety of your family, pets, and yourself. Always use some low-toxic pesticides to use inside the home. Make sure pets and children are away from the property for the time being. Also, maintain protection gear while spraying the pesticides around the house.

Treat the garden:

  • Fleas can breed outside and come inside the property with pets and other pests that enter the home from outside. That’s why keep the garden area clean and well maintained as well. You should always spray some plant-safe chemicals to control the fleas’ breeding.
  • Also, regularly mow the lawn. Thus no hidden larva will breed in the grass where your pets might love to spend outdoor time. It is one of the easiest methods of keeping fleas outside and away from your property. Give special attention to the areas that don’t receive sunlight for more extended times a day.

These are the ways you can keep your home pests free, especially fleas. Treating the home with pest repellent, maintaining the garden and following a hygienic living standard is the best way to fleas control Melbourne.

However, these tiny creatures often call for professional attention to keep them in check. Pest Free Nests is an experienced pest-controlling service that offers budget-friendly solutions for dangerous pest infestation in residential and commercial properties. Talk to us for more details.

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