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Oh, God! Australian cockroaches are a serious pain to us. Whenever we see one cockroach fly across the room, we eventually get ready to see a few more. They are big; they can fly, spread germs, and infest human residents. Well, what other reasons do we need to convince ourselves that cockroaches are dangerous pests?

Worldwide, there are around 4000 species of cockroaches present. Among that, Australia provides a home to about 450 species. But only five species are considered pests due to their dangerous characteristics. Hence you need to know when you should be worried about cockroaches and call for cockroach control Brighton.

The top three pests cockroaches:

Cockroaches belongs to the group of the most common yet dangerous pests found on Australian property. These pests contaminate food, utensils and furnishings. Moreover, they also carry dangerous germs that can create human health risks. Gastroenteritis and dysentery are a few diseases to name.

Here, we have mentioned the top three pest species, cockroaches, commonly found in Australia. All three species are attracted to food. They can rapidly grow, and they love to infest human residents and offices. Let’s learn a bit more about them to identify them better.

The small brown German cockroach:

German cockroaches are light brown to tan in colour. They also have two dark and almost parallel stripes located on their backs. These stripes are mainly found behind their heads. The German cockroach can grow to about 15 mm in length. Hence they are small yet notorious.

Just like any other pests, german cockroaches are attracted to food. You can quickly locate them in your kitchen, and they can eat anything, which includes built-up cooking grease too.

To control these German cockroach infests in your home, remove their food sources by keeping kitchen areas clean of food waste. Since they are small in size, they enter the property through cracks and crevices. Repairing these cracks will also be helpful.

The giant black American cockroach:

American cockroaches are reddish-black in colour. Like german cockroaches, they also have a distinct appearance. American cockroaches have a border around the head area. They are one of the largest in size among all the cockroach species available in Australia. Adult American cockroaches can be up to 40 mm long.

The American cockroach loves warm weather. You can easily spot these cockroaches in dark, warm and moist locations. The most prominent feature of these pests is that they acn fly, especially when the weather is warm. They can live without food for months. That’s why keeping your place clean, and waste-free should be a regular habit to spot American cockroach infestation.

The medium-sized brown or black Oriental cockroach:

The oriental cockroach specie is dark brown or black in colour. Female cockroaches are large and can grow up to 5 mm longer than male cockroaches. But they don’t have wings. The male oriental cockroaches are small in size but have wings. These wings almost cover the entire abdomen.

Unlike the previous two species, oriental cockroaches love damp, dark and shadow areas. Hence, the best place to find them is around pipes and drains. Especially if you have open drains or leakage pipes, then it will be their hangout zone. They also love food waste. Hence the trash bins are their target locations.

They also leave a musty odour wherever they live. Making sure that there is no open water source on your property is the best way to prevent their infestation.

Why You Should Have Cockroach Control In your property:

You should call cockroach control services because they are pests, not pets, and they are dangerous. Although they don’t bite or sting or don’t leave toxins whenever they sit, living with cockroaches can be challenging and often can put your health at risk. Learn a few reasons here why you should call professional help in controlling cockroaches.

  • You can’t leave them out. They will always find a way to invade your property and infest your home. That’s why, rather than trying many DIY methods and wasting your time, you should directly call for professional help. They will find out all the ways cockroaches are entering.
  • They look for food. Hence, they constantly invade the kitchen space first. They can feed on anything and everything from food waste to built-up cooking grease. They also even attack cooking utensils. Hence, maintaining a healthy home becomes complicated. That’s why removing them from your property is the only way to maintain hygiene in the house.
  • The breeding speed is higher for cockroaches. That means when you spot a cockroach in daylight, there is likely a large local colony of cockroaches nearby. Handling this infestation requires professional guidance to remove these pests altogether. DIY methods can remove a few of them safely. But they will only work for a limited infestation. That’s why you need to save your money, time and energy by calling processional insect controllers.

The most efficient way to protect you and your family from dangerous pests like Australian cockroaches, you should always put your trust in professional cockroach control Brighton.

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