When Do The Birds Start Troubling And How To Control Them?

Watching the bird’s behaviour can be your favourite pastime. However, if the number of birds prevailing in your areas grows more, they start creating a nuisance. When the birds start feeding the growing fruits and vegetables in your garden, they cause concern. Additionally, when the birds start nesting near your houses, they become hostile and prone to attack as and when they sense danger in your premises. Hiring professional bird control in Springvale is a legal and effective way.

Although it is best to appoint professionals for the humane relocation of the birds, you must know some more remedies to control these problematic birds yourself.

Here are some practical measures to control birds:

1. Shiny and Reflective Objects

Placing a shiny and reflective object can discourage the bird’s activity in a specific area. Items like old CDs, tin cans, metal wrapping papers, small mirrors, and tin foils can help your property from becoming a landing area for the birds. Eventually, they are even discouraged from building nests.

2. Predators

Owls and cats are the most common predators of birds. Even there are some more giant birds of prey that scare the small birds away. If you want to stop the birds from creating a nuisance on your premises, you can either get these species as pets or can place objects in the shape of these predators. The objects you set must be made of metal, wood or any other thing that will not get displaced.

3. Colourful Garden Balls

Colourful garden balls are a great option to decorate your yard or garden. You can hang them from fence posts and trees. These round balls are a good repellent for the birds who confuse them with eyes and try to escape them. Do things look unmanageable? Hire bird control in Noble Park.

4. Bird Spikes

 A bird spike is a bird control device that consists of long needle-shaped metallic rods. This device stops the birds from gaining access beyond the point where the device is placed. These spikes do not cause any injury to the birds. However, they are uncomfortable to land on, so the bird stops entering your premises.

5. Repellent Sprays

Homemade bird repellents are very effective in controlling birds. One can make a robust solution by mixing crushed and dried chilli peppers, vinegar and water. Heat the mixture in a crock pot and allow natural infusion by placing it in natural light in clear glass. Pour the solution into a plant mister and spray in the areas where birds create a nuisance. You can even call the professional bird control in Springvale to know an alternative way.

6. Bird Netting

Bird netting is primarily used in areas where controlling the bird is a priority. Stainless steel bird netting is used in commercial places. Polythene bird netting is very popular in residential zones. In spite of getting into the hassles of making these arrangements, it is better to get bird control in Clayton.

Bird dropping is harmful to health as well as the property they try to overpower. It is good to note that killing all bird species is also illegal. Pest Free Nests is a reliable pest control company that provides legal, safe and strategic pest control services. If you need an effective bird control solution, hire the best bird control in Springvale today!

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