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When we talk about wasps, most people confuse them with bees. Although bees have financial benefits for Australia, it is not the same as wasps. Hence, if you are exposed to wasp infestation, you must take serious steps to remove them from your property.

Although wasps are uncommon in Australia, you must be very careful. They are dangerous, and it becomes painful for humans when they bite. That’s why preventing wasps from building nests on your property is the safest method to protect yourself from their stings.

However, you can still remove them with the correct measures if wasps have already infested your place. If they are fewer in number, you can perform wasps control Melbourne

yourself. Otherwise, you always can call professional experts to deal with a swarm of wasps.

Take these steps to control wasps:

This upcoming summer, you will most likely notice wasps in outdoor dining. During the hot and humid season, wasps grow in number and take over the outdoor space. After that, they enter the indoor area and ruin your living experience.

Many people might think that the panic is unjustified. But wasps are dangerous when humans are directly exposed to them. You might have to call for immediate medical attention if things go south, because of a painful sting or a severe allergic reaction.

Although bees and wasps are pretty similar in sight, the prevention methods have to be unique. That’s why we have curated this list of proper techniques that help to keep wasps in control. Note the process down and apply the tricks whenever required.

Use wasp traps:

Hanging wasp traps in garden is one of the most common yet effective methods to keep them at bay from your property. Generally, these traps contain a liquid. Wasp gets attracted to this liquid and falls into the trap. Although these methods are effective, you must discard the dead wasps yourself. Also, these traps can often call for replacement.

Use a soapy solution:

A soapy solution can be an option if you are looking for an alternative to store-bought insecticides. Soap solution clogs wasps breathing pores when it is directly sprayed onto them. Later, wasps can die from difficulty in breathing. However, we don’t promote animal killing. But pest killing in a controlled manner is a safe way to get rid of them.

To make a solution, add two tablespoons of dish soap to a bottle of water. Then mix these two well. Take a spray bottle to store the solution and use it later.

Treat the nesting areas:

Alongside getting rid of the present wasps on your property, you must ensure that there will be no more future nests. For that, you have to take some preventive methods.

Identifying the areas where wasps can build nests in future is essential for that. Wood fences, pool areas, patios, decks, etc., are a few to name as their favourite nesting place. It will help if you spray some insecticides into these areas. Be careful when you have pets and children at the property. Relocating them for the day of spraying insecticides will be safe.

Call for professional help:

If there is a large wasp colony on your property, don’t approach it yourself. Call for professional help for wasps control Camberwell. If a swarm of wasps attacks you, it can be life-threatening. Professional workers have skills and experience in dealing with such difficult situations. They also use advanced protective measures to save themselves from attack.

Pest Free Nests offers different pest control services for commercial and residential properties. Here, we have decades of experience in dealing with wasps control Melbourne

effectively. Talk to our team, and we will come to inspect your property. After that, we will guide you with the right services. Also, our service charge is one of the most affordable in the industry. Let us help you enjoy the summer fully without the sight of wasps.

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