How To Control Dust Mites At Home With Kids

Is your child prone to allergies? Are you looking for ways to control dust mites in your surrounding atmosphere? Here we have a guide to help you with some tips for mites control in Springvale.

Dust mites are the greatest enemies in a home with pets and kids. Whenever you trace some, you may rush to get your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust mites you have spotted. However, there may be better solutions sometimes. You can call the professionals of mites control in Clayton or follow the ways that we describe further:

1. Keep Your Home Clean

A simple way to control mites is to maintain a regular deep cleaning program at home. If your home is cleaned regularly, dust and dust mites cannot pile up.

Dusting, sweeping and mopping every day will not let these insects grow and thrive on your premises; books, carpets, mattresses, and upholstered furniture are the most known items to collect dust. Pet dander also collects a significant amount of dust. If you cannot manage the surmounting amount of dust mites at home, talk to experts in mites control in Springvale right away.

2. Steam Clean Or Wet Vacuum The Carpets

Dust mites are pretty difficult to pick up, especially with dry vacuuming. If you do not want to stir up the dust and add more pollutants to the air to cause shortness of breath, go for wet vacuuming or steam cleaning.

Kids play and do a lot of their activities on rugs and carpets. Thus you have a huge chance of dust and dust mites existing on these items. With an effective steam cleaning process on rugs and carpets, the dust mites get killed with the heat produced by the steam, and thus, you eliminate the reasons to cause allergic reactions.

If you plan to vacuum clean, use a HEPA filter with the cleaner to collect the potential allergens. Smart mothers know that the professional mites control in Noble Park incorporates the ideal techniques to eradicate mites without damaging your carpets and upholstered furniture. Hence hiring them is the best move.

3. Pay Attention To The Bedding

Your bedding is the most comfortable place for dust mites to thrive. We pay less attention to our beds and allow the mites to get into mattresses and pillows. A simple way to avoid mites on your bedding is to get mite-proof cases for pillows and mattresses. It will lock the allergens, and thus, there are fewer chances to breathe them in. They are made of vinyl or plastic material and hence are easy to access.

You can conveniently clean these allergen-proof bed covers by sprinkling a solution of baking soda and essential oil. Let it soak for some time, and vacuum it off. For better results, hire professional mice control in Springvale.

4. Discourage The Mites By Keeping The Humidity At A Low Level

If you have a humidity of around 75% to 80%, there are increasing chances of dust mites growth in your room. These pests need moisture to survive but die if the humidity level falls below 50%. So when you reduce the humidity level in your room, you can dramatically control the dust mite population. You can select a good dehumidifier to dry out the inside air.

Experts, however, discourage the use of a humidifier in your child’s room, especially if the child has breathing difficulties. The best way to9 ensure your child’s safety is to take advice from the paediatrician about the humidity level to be maintained in the child’s room and the ideal product to be used.

If you are tired of the dust mites in all your bedding and carpets and have no time to manage them, call Pest Free Nests. The experts here use industry-graded products that completely remove dust mites from your home’s corners. Do not worry! The specialists in mice control in Springvale use eco-friendly products, and hence your kids are safe in the environment.

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