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When a food supply source is found, it typically means a high number of worker aunts bringing food back to the nest. Ants may infiltrate a residence in search of water during dry times. Some ant species can bite or sting, causing discomfort, although they are rarely dangerous to people. The queen and male ants are in charge of reproduction, whereas worker ants are wingless sterile female ants. A flying ant can be mistaken for a flying termite, and that’s when you need ant control in RingwoodWhile both have wings, the primary distinction between the two is that termites have a broad waist and straight antennae, whereas an ant has a thin waist and curved antennae, among other characteristics.

How do you know you have a problem? 

Ants might quickly go unnoticed at home. In most cases, an infection is identified by unsightly ant trails or the inadvertent discovery of a nest. Some species have prominent ant hills, whereas others may have shallow burrows that impact ground level.

Actions You Can Take-

  • Without food, there is no nest. Ants are drawn to everything sweet and sticky.
  • Keeping a property clean is the most effective approach to ensure that there is no simple food for a nest.
  • Make sure that there are no spilt foodstuffs nearby.
  • After using a food preparation area, wipe it down.
  • keep garbage cans well-sealed
  • Keep logs and other possible nesting materials away from home.
  • Fill in any gaps or holes in the property’s walls.

How to get rid of ants in your home? 

  • It is possible to lay bait inside a property. Unwary worker ants will bring the poison back to the colony, and the toxin will affect over time. 
  • Surface sprays will discourage exploring worker ants, but they are not the best way to eliminate a colony.
  • Don’t disturb the ants or their nest if the infestation is severe and you want to call us for pest control in Ringwood
  • If the nest’s life continues regularly, our therapy will be more successful. The worker ants will transport the poison back to their nest and distribute it. 

Consider the following reasons why hiring a professional pest controller are the best option: 

  • Professionals have extensive experience and are aware of all bug hiding locations.
  • They have the necessary equipment and supplies for the ant control treatment. 
  • They have vast experience treating a wide range of pests at the office and home.
  • Professional pest controllers have the necessary chemicals to get rid of bugs without causing damage to your home. 

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